Sunday, December 1, 2013

Lazy Sunday

It's Sunday. My mind tells me to:

- go to the gym
- if not to the gym, then at least to go for a long walk to take advantage of this sunny winter day
- do some laundry
- do my nails

My heart though speaks another language. It tells me to stay at home (and enjoy the sun through my windows) and to tidy up my shelf where I keep all my photo albums.
I've postponed doing it because I told myself that it wasn't urgent. NOT URGENT AT ALL. The thing is I have all these albums and not enough space any longer. I need to sort them out and to decide how to classify (digitize?) them.
I know I should go to the gym. I know it! I am just not in the mood today. I am totally more eager to spend hours looking at my old pictures! Therefore... hell, let's spend the afternoon enjoying my old pictures ... and I promise, I will go to the gym tomorrow, do my nails then as well and postpone the walk to another Sunday (it won't be the last sunny Sunday of this winter, right? Hopefully not). I can handle the laundry at the same time though (luckily the washer doesn't need my help!).

From time to time it's soothing to just let the heart decide what to do :-)


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