Friday, December 6, 2013

About Full Bellies

I was just reading an article written by Angelo Sica in Grazia Italia. It was about a trip he did with Fondazione Francesca Rava to Haiti to tell about their doing in this devastated country. In Haiti Angelo met a priest (Richard Frechette, an American) and quoted him as follows:

"Quando mangiamo, il sangue dalla testa va alla pancia: diventiamo meno reattivi. Nelle società occidentali abbiamo sempre la pancia piena, per digerire cibo, comodità, cose superflue. Ma è quando si digiuna che i sensi tornano all'erta, nell'uomo si risveglia l'istinto primitivo del cacciatore pronto a sentire quello che gli dice la natura, i suoi simili, quello che gli dice Dio."

"When we eat, our blood wanders from the head to the belly. We become less responsive. People in occidental societies always have their bellies full - digesting food, comfort and superfluous things. While we are fasting though our senses get back to being wary again, the primitive hunter insticts awaken and we are ready to listen to what nature, the like-minded and God has to tell us."

I am not into fasting, I have to admit. But I like this idea of "abstinence of food" (could mean eat less food for instance - one hasn't got to fast necessarily) to become more responsive.
It's worth thinking of...

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