Wednesday, October 2, 2013

I've read about this project when it was already over. Unfortunately. I would have liked to follow it day by day, stop by stop.

Do you wonder what I am talking about?

The project "Station to Station" ( Totally cool. I love it. During three weeks in September a train traveled from New York to San Francisco, stopping at 7 train stations on its way.
The whole project was made possible by Levi's and the money goes to museums all over the US.

I think this was a wonderful project. Have a look at their homepage, I loved the pictures and the films. Particularly the films: the short movies shot during the train rides (like "somewhere in Minnesota" or similar), all the "Road Trip" movies and the "minutes" of the various cities. Wonderful. Amazing.
Made me want to be there.
Made me think of my last year's trip.
Made me think of possible future trips (well, the latter is not surprising - so many things make me think of future trips BIG SMILE).

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