Wednesday, October 30, 2013


Yesterday morning, while dressing and deciding on what jewelry to wear, I thought that I actually needed new jewelry because my style has slightly changed recently and the jewelry doesn't fit perfectly any longer. As I am off to Milan in two weeks, I didn't dwell too much on the topic and went to work. 

I forgot all about new jewelry during the day until the evening when I met a person for an interview for my blog. She runs a shop (clothes and accessories) and while I was waiting on her to get ready to talk to me, I had a look around her shop. What do I see (well, besides some very nice bags and some nice blouses)? A bracelet. Golden. Wonderful. And not expensive.

Needless to mention that after the interview ... I bought the bracelet and went home feeling good. I not only had a cool interview on tape but owned a new shiny bracelet as well!

PS: Her interview will posted in a few weeks!

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