Saturday, October 26, 2013

Being Busy

I don't like people who are always soo totally busy. I don't think that being busy ALL the time is a good way of life.

Having said that I have to admit that I am sometimes pretty busy as well. I try to avoid it but can't always. Take the last 10 days. Oh wow. I haven't been too busy but too busy to ... think clearly (and I am not mentioning having time to actually not think at all!).
There has been my cat-sitting week which was pretty time-consuming. Cool and sweet but time-consuming nevertheless (the cat and I became friends at the end, by the way!). Then a friend visited and it was all about catching up and shopping (strictly window shopping for the two of us - we are both on a tight budget!). Then in the office things went crazy and each night I came home totally tired. Too tired to think!

Therefore, here I am. Saturday. After a good night's sleep. Nice weather. Two days just for me ahead.


So, I just decided that my first action for today would be tidying up my closet. This has been taking up a lot of place in my head SMILE. Before returning to ... think I need to clear out the pending matters in my brain, needn't I?
I urgently need to put away my summer clothes. And I am going shopping to Milan in two weeks (my strict budget month is over! yeah!!) and therefore I need to know the content of my closet before heading off to my Italian shopping spree.
I can't wait to re-discover my Winter clothes (I tend to forget what I own!).
And can't wait to take up... thinking clearly again!

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