Sunday, September 1, 2013

Trip Back Home

I left Portland and with that Maine by train. Have I told you that I am totally impressed by Amtrak? Their coaches are on time. The staff is nice and the trains clean and new (and full - who would have thought?). There will be other destinations to travel to with Amtrak, that's for sure!
Boston was so humid I decided not to stay in the city (I had a couple of hours between my train arriving and my flight departing). I took the water taxi to the airport. Yes, you read correctly. They got water taxis in Boston. The water taxi brings you to the peninsula where the airport is for only 10 bucks. From there the city/airport offers a free shuttle service to all gates! So cool! For me it was a wonderful goodbye - to leave the city by the sea, so to speak.
I spent a couple of hours in the airport, reading my book and enjoying the airport (I have this special feeling for airports and train stations. They make me feel good!).
And here I am again - back home. I am totally jetlaged and can't think clearly and this post will probably be strange and full of mistakes. I will do some laundry, have some dinner. Then I will be going to bed. I slept for what felt like two minutes on the plane (it was probably more 2 hours - the kid in the front row kept crying, poor little him. He sounded so afraid, it broke my heart!). I need a good night sleep.
I will go through all my pictures in the next couple of days and probably think of other stories about my trip to tell you.

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