Thursday, September 12, 2013

Summertime ... good-bye!

Do you know when I really realize that summertime is over? Like really really really realize it?

No, not because it's dark at 8 pm or even earlier already (long summer nights are magical in my opinion).

Neither because I have to cover up my suntan by wearing jackets and scarfs (you can't know how much this hurts my heart!).

And nor because the peaches I buy in the supermarket have no taste any longer (I'm eating apples again and plums are OK as well in September).

I only know for sure when I hold the September issues of my favorite fashion magazines in the hand. Oh yes, the September issues of fashion magazines are the proof that summer is over because all the pages of the (very thick) September issues are about ... what to wear next autumn/winter.
Then I know for sure.
Summertime is over.
Sad but true.
September issues have a healing side effect though. Well, I may be feeling sad because my favorite season is over but it helps (a lot!) to get over it by ... knowing that soon I will be buying new fashion for me to wear. A new season with new clothes (partially at least - I can't afford a new wardrobe every season!).
I can't wait to travel to Como and Milano to shop :-)

PS: It's sad anyway that summer is over!

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