Monday, September 9, 2013

Remembering My Trip

Today I am not working and I therefore decided that it would be the perfect day to start the photo albums (I order them online). It's best to start the albums as soon as possible because 1) it's easier to do them when the trip is still fresh in my mind and 2) I can show the albums to my friends and family (six months later, and probably one or two trips later, no one will be interested in my pictures of Boston or Maine!).

Doing the photo albums is about ... remembering. Obviously. While looking at all the pictures I have taken during my trip (and deciding which one was beautiful enough to make it in any album) I decided to start a couple of posts called "Remembering". It helps me tremendously in my sorting out process and I thought that you would like it as well.

Afterwards, I promise, it's time for new subjects. I have a new interview for the "Other's World" rubric ready and an idea on a new rubric. But please be patient with me. Let me indulge in my wonderful trip once more!

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