Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Fall Shopping

I needed new shoes. I desperately needed new shoes. Last week, during the few rainy days we had, I realized that I didn't have adequate shoes for just this kind of weather. Being the kind of girl that owns just a few pair of shoes and boots (I live in a one bedroom appartment and don't have much space!), come the end of any season my shoes / boots are literally worn out!

So I went shopping. Looking for shoes that were something in between my flat ballerinas and my boots with 10 cm heels. I found the ideal pair of ankle boots in dark brown with a 5 cm heel. Beautiful. In the same store I bought a pair of boots that will be perfect for when it'll snow (yes, it will be snowing - probably rather sooner than later - sad but true).

I could have gone home by then but as I was already "en route" I thought that doing a quick detour to H&M wouldn't be that bad. It definitively wasn't bad. Quite the contrary. I not only bought a new pair of jeans and two blouses (one dark blue, the other in light gray, slightly transparent both of them, you know, like you see them so often in shops these days), I also fell in love ... with a coat.
Oh my.
Buying a coat wasn't part of my budget but I had to buy it. I HAD TO.
It's a light wool coat in a light gray, straight cut, no collar. It's simple. It's classy.
As it doesn't have any collar I will have to wear scarfs with it. Depeding on the scarf I will look more classy or more sporty. I just love it!

PS: After that I went straight back home. God knows what I would have found in any other shop and my budget is rather tight these days as I am waiting for the credit card bill of my US trip!

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