Monday, August 26, 2013

Some Days

Some days are just strange. I get up in the morning with a mood and it's kind of hard to get rid of it. One should think that while traveling this shouldn't be the case but I found out that it sometimes just was. Like at home.
Today was such a day. Really strange from the minute I opened my eyes, for no particular reason. I looked out of the window and saw gray skies! That didn't help (the first gray skies I've seen since arriving). I decided to ignore my mood and just keep moving. I started my fancy car, chose a nice radio station and drove north. Gray skies everywhere but I was sure that just the fact that I was moving would help me to get rid of my mood.
I was right.
When I arrived at the end of the first peninsula, the sun came out and with it my mood! In addition, the places I was visiting were just so cute - how could I be in a mood?

By the end of the day I felt great again. The mood somehow got lost in Maine's wonderful landscape!

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