Friday, August 23, 2013

Portland, Maine

It's wonderful to wake up in a city that you don't know. It's wonderful to step out of the hotel and start discovering unknown places. Amazing. That's what I did (again) this morning. I started discovering Portland, Maine.
What to say?
Awesome? Wonderful? Beautiful? All that and more, let me tell you. People speak funny though but I will get to it (as I usually do).
The Portland Museum of Art was quite a surprise. Such a small city, such treasures! Incredible. I was able to discover some maine painters that I didn't know.
The afternoon went by rather quickly - harbor cruise and trolley tour to give me a better understanding of the city (I only have today to see it all!). The weather was wonderful, sunny and warm. OK, it was rather windy but hey, we're on the Atlantic!
Here some impressions:


I just saw Edward Hopper's "Lighthouse" at the Boston Museum of Fine Arts. The "model" is quite breathtaking!

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