Saturday, August 24, 2013

On the Road in Maine

Picked up my car this morning. Luckily the guy of the rental agency stressed the fact that I'd have a small car. Small car? I should have known better!! But it's a nice car anyway - a show-off car, actually!
So I started driving the coast of Maine. I wanted to see the coast south of Portland to start with. What I hadn't considered was the fact that a) it was Saturday and 2) the weather was nice and hot. There are a lot of beaches south of Portland and all of them were totally OVERCROWDED. Crazy. But the places were cute and the marshes are really beautiful:

I spent the rest of the afternoon ... shopping. In the outlet village called Freeport. I have never been in such a village but it's actually pretty cool. I wasn't able to do all the shops and have to go back there tomorrow!
By the way. I thought that finding a hotel in this place would be easy but I found out that it actually wasn't. I was lucky to find a room - the lady at the check-in told me that they had been sold out for the last three weeks! Crazy. Americans do like to shop!

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