Saturday, August 17, 2013


I had always wondered what the American Martini would taste like. On TV they looked so different from what I, as a European, understand as a "Martini drink".

Now I know.

In Europe if you order a Martini you get 100% Martini, i.e. vermouth.

In America however a Martini is Gin or Vodka with a bit of vermouth. A really small bit of Martini. I have no idea why they call it Martini when finally it's more Vodka or Gin instead of Martini. I was told though that the name came from a James Bond movie. 007 apparently started calling it that!
It's important to know your way around drinks, isn't it?

PS: I didn't finish my American Martini finally - too much Gin for my taste SMILE

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