Sunday, August 4, 2013

Lazy Summer Days ... and Books

To spend a lazy summer afternoon reading a good book is awesome. Especially if the book is about traveling.
I've just finished "Wild", written by Cheryl Strayed where she describes how she hiked the Pacific Crest trail. From California to Oregon.
Oh wow.
Not that ever wanted to hike the trail (then again - you never know!) but I liked being there with her. All along. Amazing.
If you happen to see the book in a store - buy it! You're gonna like it!
It's about adventure, yes, but it's mainly about courage.
The courage to live your life.
The courage to live the life you want.
Some hike thousands of miles. Others find other ways. The main thing though is ... to try!

PS: After reading this books it's clear that Oregon remains on my "places to travel to"-list :-)

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