Friday, August 30, 2013

Last Day in Maine

Back in Portland. It felt a bit like coming home. I know Portland a bit now and I could choose what I wanted to see again today. I climbed the stairs up to the top of the Portland Observatory (I missed that last week) and look at the view:

I decided to indulge myself  in a very nice dinner - kind of a farewell Maine dinner or whatever you wanna call it :-) I discovered this very nice square just in front of the Regency Hotel. The restaurant is part of the hotel and it's "plein air". It was wonderful. The sun was shining. The gulls were having heavy discussions above our heads. I could hear the ship's horns from the harbor. Wasn't this the perfect way to end my vacation? I even had a very nice glass of wine. I rarely drink when I am alone but tonight I felt like drinking. Cheers to Maine and cheers to my trip :-)

PS: my train for Boston leaves tomorrow morning at 8 am and if I can't find a baggage storage in the Boston train station I will probably spend my whole afternoon at the Boston Airport. I will see...

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