Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Cape Cod on a Bike

6 hours on a bike. After six (!!) hours on a bike my body hurts in places that I don't want to mention here. But it was worth it. Totally worth it. I could never done it on foot. Never. It's a bigger place than I first thought. I took it easy though and didn't run fast. I wanted to feel the place. See the place. Smell the place. (And look at all the gorgeous gay men without t-shirts driving by!!!) What a day. I stopped on one of the beaches but I wasn't into beach feeling and therefore continued my journey. I pedaled from one side of P-Town to the other. Did all the bike trails within the National Park. That's why I decided to come to P-Town. I wanted to see the dunes and I did!
Tonight I will sleep well, rest assured. My slight sunburn will keep me warm as well (as if it weren't already hot outside without the sunburn hahahahaha).$

Tomorrow I am gonna whale watching. Hopefully I'll see some of these beautiful creatures.

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