Friday, August 16, 2013

Boston Day 1

I left my hotel this morning at around 10 and came back 15 minutes ago - meaning I have been "on the road" for almost 12 hours. What a day!
I met with my friend S. nd we walked the Freedom Trail:

wonderful. It's an about 4.5 miles long walk and every stop is about the "freedom" of Boston (meaning when the get rid of the English). Very interesting, let me tell you.
Somewhere along the trail we met a friend of S., a Vietnamese who has been living in the US for several years now. She took us to have lunch in America's Oldest Restaurant (est. 1826): Union Oyster House. I had clam chowder which was pretty good.
We continued our walk to Little Italy and for a minute or two I was back to Italy :-)

I do want to do the harbor tour and see the city from the sea or the river (it's called Charles River and I think that makes it sound sooo British, don't you think).
I have to admit that I fell in love with Boston almost immediately. It's different from all the other cities I have seen in the US so far. Ir's similar to San Francisco but then San Fran doesn't have all these brick houses. S. said that I liked it because it reminded me of Europe. She may be right. Anyway. The why is not important. I just love it.

We had dinner in Cambridge with another friend of S. and her husband (the friend's husband that is). Cambridge is cute. Unreal but cute. All these nice little places, coffee shops and organic this or that. Crazy. But nice. Unfortunately, I won't have enough time to come back and visit the place more thoroughly.

Now I have to sleep. I need to sleep. My brain is going crazy. I need to let is rest :-) Tomorrow is gonna be a new day and I can't wait to discover more of Boston.

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