Tuesday, August 13, 2013

About Perception

On Sunday I was talking about the use of technology with a group of friends. The pros and cons were discussed and everyone at the table had another opinion as you can imagine! One girlfriend though had a rather strong opinion on this matter and she was so strict about it. She thought that nowadays the youngsters were impolite (I am just mentioning one of the many things she criticized) because they were always talking on the phone and were hardly able to survive without mobile phone. Her husband added: "We could tell you stories about phones in restaurants that would blow your mind!" (they eat out a lot).

Topics were changed and not 15 minutes later, we heard a mobile phone ringing. It was hers - Mrs I-have-a-strong-opinion. I was sure she would ignore it but what happened? She left our table to sit on the sofa, took the phone call and stayed away for at least 10 minutes to talk to whoever called.
I was speechless.
I must add that it was not her home - she was invited like I was.
Never, never, never would I have thought that she'd take this phone call let alone leave our table - not after having pronounced so strong words about the issue.
This incident made me think that sometimes our perception is not correct. Or let's say that the perception we have of other's behavior hasn't the same value as our own behavior.

It happens to me as well and I think it happens to everybody. Just a couple of days back I was telling my nephew not to speak in such a loud voice and five seconds later I was telling a story in a rather loud voice myself!
It's so easy to criticize.
It's difficult to be a better person :-)

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