Friday, August 30, 2013

Impressions: Portland, Maine

Last Day in Maine

Back in Portland. It felt a bit like coming home. I know Portland a bit now and I could choose what I wanted to see again today. I climbed the stairs up to the top of the Portland Observatory (I missed that last week) and look at the view:

I decided to indulge myself  in a very nice dinner - kind of a farewell Maine dinner or whatever you wanna call it :-) I discovered this very nice square just in front of the Regency Hotel. The restaurant is part of the hotel and it's "plein air". It was wonderful. The sun was shining. The gulls were having heavy discussions above our heads. I could hear the ship's horns from the harbor. Wasn't this the perfect way to end my vacation? I even had a very nice glass of wine. I rarely drink when I am alone but tonight I felt like drinking. Cheers to Maine and cheers to my trip :-)

PS: my train for Boston leaves tomorrow morning at 8 am and if I can't find a baggage storage in the Boston train station I will probably spend my whole afternoon at the Boston Airport. I will see...

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Portland ... again

When I woke up this morning it was raining. I thought: what a wonderful timing! Bar Harbor would have been soo sad with rain. I am glad that the weather God was nice to me and my schedule :-)
All the way down south on Route 1 the skies were cloudy. No rain though. That made it the perfect weather just to drive south and stop at Freeport (remember? outlet stores?) again. There were some shops I did want to visit again.
Tonight I am sleeping near the Portland airport (I need to give back the car tomorrow morning and wanted to be nearby). South Portland (where I am staying) has a big shopping mall and I did some more shopping :-)
Today, I am a happy girl because I am always happy when I got to do a lot of shopping (even though I didn't spend much money - you'd be proud of me SMILE).

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Almost over

Can't believe that my trip is almost over. Tomorrow I will be driving back south. On Saturday my train leaves from Portland to Boston and on Saturday evening my flight leaves back home!

Impressions - Acadia National Park



Acadia National Park

I woke up to cloudy skies and hot and humid temperatures (oh man, my hair got really wild!!!). Then the sun came out (and my hair went wilder - if that is even possible hahahaha). In the afternoon though, I was on Mount Cadillac again, fog came in from the sea. I have never seen such kind of fog. It looked ... painted. Can't explain it. It's not a wand of fog like I am used to from where I live. No, it looked like a blanked or so. See for yourselves:

The white part is actually the bay. The fog covered only the water, nothing else. Weird. But beautiful.

Low Tide vs. High Tide

The tides are something else about Maine. Impressive. In Popham beach a few days ago, I was at the beach when the tide came in. Suddenly the waters were moving and there was an energy in the air that made me shiver. I can hardly describe it. I have rarely experienced high tides up to now! but think about it. It needs a lot of energy to get all this water moving!
Bar Harbor has this island called (what else?) Bar Island just in front of the Marina. With low tide you can walk to the island:

In the evening you needed a boat to get there:

Pretty cool, don't you think?

PS: this is like a small version of Mont Saint Michel, Normandy (hihihi)

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Acadia National Park / Bar Harbor

Canada is not far away from where I am now! They even have ferries to Nova Scotia from here! I'm overwhelmed by the beauty of this park. Overwhelmed! Look for yourselves - unfortunately, the weather was "misty" and the view not clear enough but nevertheless, breathtaking!

PS: The pictures were taken from Cadillac Mountain. It's the highest mountain in the northeast. Luckily you don't have to climb it but you can drive there easily.


Maine is not only about coasts, rocks, peninsulas, water, ponds, lakes, and rocks and water again. No, it's also about trees. Trees, trees, trees and more trees. Incredible. I can imagine what it will look like up here once the leaves will turn yellow, orange and red! Today, driving up north to Bar Harbor, I either saw cute little towns or ... trees :-)

The forests, I found out, are "dense" - not much else growths there!

Monday, August 26, 2013


Did you know that Michigan has actually more lighthouses than Maine? I didn't!

Pemaquid Point Lighthouse

Some Days

Some days are just strange. I get up in the morning with a mood and it's kind of hard to get rid of it. One should think that while traveling this shouldn't be the case but I found out that it sometimes just was. Like at home.
Today was such a day. Really strange from the minute I opened my eyes, for no particular reason. I looked out of the window and saw gray skies! That didn't help (the first gray skies I've seen since arriving). I decided to ignore my mood and just keep moving. I started my fancy car, chose a nice radio station and drove north. Gray skies everywhere but I was sure that just the fact that I was moving would help me to get rid of my mood.
I was right.
When I arrived at the end of the first peninsula, the sun came out and with it my mood! In addition, the places I was visiting were just so cute - how could I be in a mood?

By the end of the day I felt great again. The mood somehow got lost in Maine's wonderful landscape!

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Popham Beach, Maine

Not much to talk about today. I spent the day at the beach enjoying myself. I walked what seemed like for hours, then lie on the sand and read in my book. A wonderful day. Wonderful places! I quickly found out that Maine is all about peninsulas, small islands and rocks. You don't get to see the beauty immediately. You have to "find" it - behind the next turn or behind some trees. And when you think: that's the ocean, you're usually wrong. It's "just" some marsh - beautiful nevertheless!


Saturday, August 24, 2013

On the Road in Maine

Picked up my car this morning. Luckily the guy of the rental agency stressed the fact that I'd have a small car. Small car? I should have known better!! But it's a nice car anyway - a show-off car, actually!
So I started driving the coast of Maine. I wanted to see the coast south of Portland to start with. What I hadn't considered was the fact that a) it was Saturday and 2) the weather was nice and hot. There are a lot of beaches south of Portland and all of them were totally OVERCROWDED. Crazy. But the places were cute and the marshes are really beautiful:

I spent the rest of the afternoon ... shopping. In the outlet village called Freeport. I have never been in such a village but it's actually pretty cool. I wasn't able to do all the shops and have to go back there tomorrow!
By the way. I thought that finding a hotel in this place would be easy but I found out that it actually wasn't. I was lucky to find a room - the lady at the check-in told me that they had been sold out for the last three weeks! Crazy. Americans do like to shop!

Friday, August 23, 2013

Portland, Maine

It's wonderful to wake up in a city that you don't know. It's wonderful to step out of the hotel and start discovering unknown places. Amazing. That's what I did (again) this morning. I started discovering Portland, Maine.
What to say?
Awesome? Wonderful? Beautiful? All that and more, let me tell you. People speak funny though but I will get to it (as I usually do).
The Portland Museum of Art was quite a surprise. Such a small city, such treasures! Incredible. I was able to discover some maine painters that I didn't know.
The afternoon went by rather quickly - harbor cruise and trolley tour to give me a better understanding of the city (I only have today to see it all!). The weather was wonderful, sunny and warm. OK, it was rather windy but hey, we're on the Atlantic!
Here some impressions:


Thursday, August 22, 2013

Portland, Maine

Have arrived in Maine ... by train! Today was all about traveling. First the fast ferry from P-Town to Boston. Then by foot from the wharf to the North Station. Then train trip. Taxi from station and here I am now. In Portland, Maine.
Haven't seen much yet. Will have more time tomorrow. Tonight is about ... doing laundry! Oh yes, even while traveling one needs to do laundry SMILE. The last couple of days temperatures were hot and humid and my clothes were not fresh any longer!
I very much look forward to discover Portland tomorrow ... with fresh smelling clothes :-)!

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Cape Cod

Went whale watching today and actually saw two whales - big big whales - what an incredible experience. Later during the day I enjoyed myself walking the beach - look at what my eyes noticed:

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Cape Cod on a Bike

6 hours on a bike. After six (!!) hours on a bike my body hurts in places that I don't want to mention here. But it was worth it. Totally worth it. I could never done it on foot. Never. It's a bigger place than I first thought. I took it easy though and didn't run fast. I wanted to feel the place. See the place. Smell the place. (And look at all the gorgeous gay men without t-shirts driving by!!!) What a day. I stopped on one of the beaches but I wasn't into beach feeling and therefore continued my journey. I pedaled from one side of P-Town to the other. Did all the bike trails within the National Park. That's why I decided to come to P-Town. I wanted to see the dunes and I did!
Tonight I will sleep well, rest assured. My slight sunburn will keep me warm as well (as if it weren't already hot outside without the sunburn hahahahaha).$

Tomorrow I am gonna whale watching. Hopefully I'll see some of these beautiful creatures.

Cape Cod


Monday, August 19, 2013

Provincetown, Cape Cod

Welcome to Provincetown or should I better say: Gay Town? This place is incredible. It feels like Gay Parade and Mardi Gras combined. Totally crazy. It took me only a couple of minutes, walking along Commercial Street (main street here in P-Town) after arriving with the Fast Ferry Boat from Boston to get it: gays, gays, gays and more gays (men and women that is). Some heterosexual couples (luckily!) and me. I had to laugh! Where have I landed? SMILE
Walking along Commercial Street you see it all: lesbian couples with kids (where the kids t-shirts' say: I love both of my mums). (White) gay couples with african-american kids. Then these awesome and hot (and when I say hot then I mean HOT!!) gay men that make me "drool" (why are they always homosexual???). Old men, young men, black men, white men, Asian men. Some of them muscular, some of them not. Some of them stylish, others not (I've seen outfits that I hadn't seen since the nineties SMILE). Last but not least: the Drag Queens.
I had dinner in a restaurant managed by some African Americans. The guy who served me was straight. Do you wonder why I knew? Well, that's easy. HE NOTICED ME. hahahahaha The only time today. Well, not the only time. At the coffee shop this morning there were four ladies waiting for their coffees with me: I felt their looks on me and out of habit (I am in America) I smiled at them (in America you smile at everybody). Oh wow. Too late I realized what was going on. One of the girl's looks became "deeper" and let me tell you, I was soooo glad when my coffee was ready and I could leave the place. Scary. Really scary. As soon as I hit the road, I laughed (inwardly only, of course). This stay in P-Town is gonna be a new experience.
Jim, the Innkeeper, (a gay man, what else?) is a nice guy. We chatted a bit about this and that (he was just complaining that he had been living here two years and hadn't dated once! Too much work, he supposed) when two of his friends came visiting. One of them reported that a guy was found dead this morning at the beach (apparently he only had some briefs on). Overdosed. Jim asked his friend: Was he (the dead guy) cute at least? Turning to me he pointed out: in Provincetown one has sex and does drugs.
I smiled and thought: Welcome to Provincetown!

PS: I will rent a bicycle tomorrow and visit the dunes.

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Boston Bye Bye

Can't believe that my three days in Boston are already over! Time flew! Today I did some real touristy stuff. I did a city tour with the Official Trolley Tour. It was a nice way to see the whole city (some places I already knew, some were new to me). I made a detour at the Museum of Fine Arts (wonderful!) and here I am again, packing my bags. My Fast Ferry leaves tomorrow morning at 8.30. Can't wait to see what Cape Cod looks like.

near Museum of Fine Arts

Boston Common (like a mini version of NY Central Park!)

City seen from Harvard Bridge - the "hill" in the front is Beacon Hill. The golden part is the State House.