Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Shopping with Teenage Girls

Have you ever been shopping with four teenage girls? Well, I hadn't until last Saturday. It was ... memorable.

I was asked (and felt really honored to actually have been asked) if I could join the elder sister and her three BFF to the shopping mall. They all needed new outfits for a school dance (kind of a prom dance). I had nothing better to do (the younger was at a soccer tournament the whole afternoon) and therefore I agreed (I love shopping - teenage girls or not).

In the beginning the three other girls were a bit shy around me and couldn't figure out who I was (being much older and stuff) and why I had been asked to join the party. But S. (the elder sister) knows me well and she knows how good I am at giving advice on outfits. The others found out as well. Pretty fast, actually.

Image the scene at the changing room at Zara (don't forget to add the Saturday's buying frenzy in the shop because of Sales!). The four girls were each in a separate cabin, calling me back and forth to ask me if this dress makes her fat, if these pants make her legs look longer/shorter/fat, if this blouse goes with her eyes ... and if it makes her look fat (I found out that looking fat or being afraid of looking fat is THE issue with them).

10 shops or so later, two of them had found an outfit. All four were pretty tired (me as well!) and the two that hadn't found anything got really nervous and absolutely wanted to buy something. Anything. They got desparate. I had to explain that shopping at 10 minutes before shop closing was NEVER any good (one tends to buy something just ... to buy something). Luckily they listened to my advice (and went back shopping on Monday - one day before the dance - and found suitable outfits for the two others!).

Read about "getting ready for a dance with Teenage Girls" in my next post...

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