Thursday, July 11, 2013

I'm Back

I'm back to the office after 7 days at the beach. I am sitting here, sun-tanned and rested. 7 days with no computer and almost no cell phone (just two phone calls: one to another cousin of mine and the second to my brother).


I haven't been as rested as I am right now for a long time. My brain is empty of thoughts and my heart feels light and good.

Hope you had a wonderful time too. I will post some Italian stories in the next couple of days. Not today though. Today is for my soul to come back to everyday life :-)

PS: I spent these days with my cousin and her three girls (one of them is only two months old) doing almost nothing besides the usual household chores and some cooking. Going to the beach, reading, sun-bathing and taking swims with the girls doesn't count as "doing something" SMILE

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