Saturday, July 27, 2013


This weekend I should have gone camping. Yes, you read correctly. Me and camping. A premiere for me :-)
I should have left tomorrow noon time and come back on Monday evening. I should have stayed with some friends of mine that are on a vacation in a camping on Lake Constance.
I really was looking forward to experience camping. To sleep in a tent. To swim in the lake (well, that not so much - I hate lakes! I don't ever go in the one that is just in front of my house!). Ok, so no swimming in the lake but to experience the outdoor life even if only for a day, that would have appealed to me.

Well, the weather apparently didn't want me to experience camping. Not fair. It will be sunny and hot until tomorrow afternoon (the weather forecast says so). Then they'll expect rain and locally even some storms - starting Sunday afternoon / night to Monday. From Tuesday on, the sun is shining again.

No, really, do you think that is fair? Could this be a coincidence (says me who doesn't believe in coincidences?).
Apparently, I am not ready to experience camping yet. Or maybe I am not adventurous enough? Oh well, thinking about it, that may be the reason why I haven't tried out camping yet. There is always the possibility of rain and the outdoor life while it's raining has NO appeal to me. None at all.

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