Thursday, June 27, 2013

Living With ... Less Hair!

I did it! I cut my hair! Short! Well, shoulder length, to be honest.

On Monday evening I was sitting on the hairdresser's chair and before she started cutting, for a second, I felt strange. But just a second, mind you. As soon as she started cutting, I felt good. (I wanted to see the bits she cut - they were certainly up to 30 cm long! Quite impressing the lot of strands on the floor when she was finished.)

It had been time.

Time for a change.

It feels lighter now (I have a lot of hair!). I feel lighter now. It moves again when I turn my head, for example. Washing it, yesterday evening, took me ... nothing! Getting it dry ... same thing ... in no time.

Good. It really had been time.

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