Sunday, June 2, 2013

Exhibition "Planète Océan"

Before meeting my friend for lunch (see post dated May 29) in Geneva, I had some time to (re)discover the city.
I must admit that I have never loved Geneva. While I was living in Lausanne, I visited a couple of times and each time I was quite happy to leave again. Many of my friends couldn't understand why I had preferred Lausanne to Geneva. Simple (to me at least). Because of beauty. Geneva isn't beautiful to my eyes. It may be other things like interesting, international, rich, culturally diversified, etc. but not beautiful. At least not to me. I was therefore curious this time: would I see the city differently now that I have changed as well?
Well, I didn't.  No big deal though - one can't like them all, right?

Where was I again? Ah right, me rediscovering Geneva. I walked from the train main station to the lake, over the bridge, marvelled at the "jet d'eau" and the lake, then over another bridge until a particular building caught my eye. I decided to get a closer look. Cité du temps - I read. And there it was, the exhibition "Planète Océan" ( with pictures taken by Yann Arthus-Bertrand (it's the guy that did the pictures "Le monde vu du ciel": I had loved his pictures back then and was curious about his new work. First surprise: it was for free (sponsor is Omega i.e. Swatch Group that may explain it). Second surprise: the pictures and the words to explain the pictures (pictures and words is what I like most - you know that!).
It felt like being on a roller coaster. I looked at the pictures and was amazed about the beauty of our planet / ocean. Then I read the words that explained the background and I felt sad. What we do to our planet / ocean is incredible and we are not even aware of it.
Check out if you are interested in more information.
The pictures and the words have stayed with me since then. I haven't been able to shake this particular feeling off even though if you asked me to describe "this particular feeling" I wouldn't be able to. I'll see. It'll come to me ... eventually.

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