Friday, June 28, 2013

The Other's World: BAGS DESIGNER

I met Kathie in her shop while I accompanied a friend of mine who wanted to buy a new bag for herself. I loved her shop and I loved her bags (especially the colored ones as in above picture). I even more liked her energy. She is a hell of a lady! I admire her and I admire her courage. Because it takes courage to go for a dream and to live it!
I am so glad that she agreed to answer my questions and to let me take pictures of her bags and accessories. Let's hear what she has to tell (you'll find the English version at the bottom, as usual). For more info check out her webside:

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Living With ... Less Hair!

I did it! I cut my hair! Short! Well, shoulder length, to be honest.

On Monday evening I was sitting on the hairdresser's chair and before she started cutting, for a second, I felt strange. But just a second, mind you. As soon as she started cutting, I felt good. (I wanted to see the bits she cut - they were certainly up to 30 cm long! Quite impressing the lot of strands on the floor when she was finished.)

It had been time.

Time for a change.

It feels lighter now (I have a lot of hair!). I feel lighter now. It moves again when I turn my head, for example. Washing it, yesterday evening, took me ... nothing! Getting it dry ... same thing ... in no time.

Good. It really had been time.

Friday, June 21, 2013

No Expectations

I read the following in "The Bhagavad Gita. A walkthrough for Westerners" (Bhagavad Gita - Der Gesang Gottes - Eine zeitgemässe Version für westliche Leser):

[...] Du musst dein Denken und Empfinden, deinen Körper und deine Sinne beherrschen und frei von Besitztümern, Erwartungen, Begehrlichkeiten und Habgier werden. Du musst, zumindest innerlich, allein leben, an einem ruhigen Ort. Diese "Meditation" genannte innere Schulung ist unbedingt erforderlich, weil sie das Mittel zur Erreichung erhabener und notwendiger Ziele ist."

As I am reading the book in German, here my translation of these few sentences:

[...] You must dominate your thoughts and sensations, your body and your senses and become free of possessions, expectations, greediness and avarice. You must, at least inwardly, live alone, in a quiet place. This inward schooling called "meditation" is absolutely necessary because it's the instrument to attain superior and essential objectives."

My eyes kept kept going to these four words: BECOME FREE OF EXPECTATIONS

Think about it! Wouldn't that be wonderful? Wouldn't it be liberating not to expect anything from either the others (parents, brothers, sisters, friends, neighbors, bosses, boyfriends, girlfriends etc.) or ourselves?
Is this about self-love, self-esteem and to fully live the present moment?
I don't know. The book suggests meditation but I haven't read all of the pages yet. I'll continue reading (I understand that "The Bhagavad Gita" is the basic mystic/spiritual oeuvre for the Indians) and maybe I'll get my answers...

Thursday, June 20, 2013

New Haircut

I am getting a new haircut! Isn't that exciting? The appointment is made for next Monday - I can't wait. Yes, I am gonna cut my long hair! It's time. I have been thinking about it for the last couple of weeks and finally made up my mind. It feels right. It's time for something new.

Thinking back, I realize that each time I've changed my hairstyle, my life changed as well. Sometimes the haircut came first, the life changes afterwards. And sometimes it was vice versa. 
I remember the first time I decided to cut my hair (I've had long hair all my youth - like most of us girls!). I was 25 and had just moved to Lausanne. I started going out to the clubs (remember the Nineties? Magic times!) and long hair suddenly didn't match with my new me (the one going out to clubs all night long). My life changed, the haircut followed.

At around 30 I cut my hair even shorter (a couple of centimeters long - just to be clear). Some months later I decided to take up studying again. First the hair, then my life. By the way, studying at this age has been one of the best decisions of my life so far. I had done an apprenticeship in my youth but I always felt as something was missing. Studying German, French and later adding Journalism changed me. Knowledge has opened so many doors for me - incredible! I haven't been the same person since then.  In retrospect, the drastic haircut made sense as my life changed drastically as well!

I wore my hair short (but not as short as in the beginning) until seven years back when I decided to go to Italy. When I started to live a life of a gypsy (living a couple of months in Italy, a couple of months in Switzerland), I decided to let my hair grow. This time the life changes came first: I quit my job at the bank, my appartment as well, I stored my furniture in a garage and lived with what had room in my car. Clearly, the hair changes had to follow!

I haven't had simultaneous changes so far. Maybe this time?

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

(New) Trip To The US

I have suffered this spring. I must admit it. I missed the sun. I missed the warmth. Since March I kept feeling that "the best (i.e. summer) was yet to come" but it actually never came! It was hard on me. I felt uninspired, unmotivated, was tired all the time and "wordless".
Luckily summer came (at least a kind of "on and of" summer - but hey, I am happy with little) and my mood changed. Oh my, was I happy about it. I am definitively not used to this uninspired me.

Suddenly I had new ideas for my blog, (finally) made up my mind to book my summer trip and I even decided to cut my hair (yet to be done though - will talk about it another time). Today I want to tell you about my August trip to the US (where else???). Do you wonder where I will be going?
I am going to... Boston, to Cape Cod and to Maine. And am so totally excited about it!!!

I am flying to Boston and staying there four nights. Then a ferry will take me to Provincetown on the Cape Cod peninsula (I will stay three nights) and bring me back to Boston. Then straight on (by train) to Portland, Maine where I will spend two nights. The following six days will be spent driving up the Maine coast (and down again). Another night in Portland, back to Boston by train. Flight to Switzerland.

As I have already booked the main stuff (i.e. flight, rental car, hotel in Boston) now all I have to do is concentrate on the details: Where to stay? What to visit?
I love it! And can't wait for August to come :-)

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Exhibition "Planète Océan"

Before meeting my friend for lunch (see post dated May 29) in Geneva, I had some time to (re)discover the city.
I must admit that I have never loved Geneva. While I was living in Lausanne, I visited a couple of times and each time I was quite happy to leave again. Many of my friends couldn't understand why I had preferred Lausanne to Geneva. Simple (to me at least). Because of beauty. Geneva isn't beautiful to my eyes. It may be other things like interesting, international, rich, culturally diversified, etc. but not beautiful. At least not to me. I was therefore curious this time: would I see the city differently now that I have changed as well?
Well, I didn't.  No big deal though - one can't like them all, right?

Where was I again? Ah right, me rediscovering Geneva. I walked from the train main station to the lake, over the bridge, marvelled at the "jet d'eau" and the lake, then over another bridge until a particular building caught my eye. I decided to get a closer look. Cité du temps - I read. And there it was, the exhibition "Planète Océan" ( with pictures taken by Yann Arthus-Bertrand (it's the guy that did the pictures "Le monde vu du ciel": I had loved his pictures back then and was curious about his new work. First surprise: it was for free (sponsor is Omega i.e. Swatch Group that may explain it). Second surprise: the pictures and the words to explain the pictures (pictures and words is what I like most - you know that!).
It felt like being on a roller coaster. I looked at the pictures and was amazed about the beauty of our planet / ocean. Then I read the words that explained the background and I felt sad. What we do to our planet / ocean is incredible and we are not even aware of it.
Check out if you are interested in more information.
The pictures and the words have stayed with me since then. I haven't been able to shake this particular feeling off even though if you asked me to describe "this particular feeling" I wouldn't be able to. I'll see. It'll come to me ... eventually.