Thursday, May 30, 2013

Thoughts On My Blog

I was talking about my blog with a lady that I interviewed for the "The Other's World" (I haven't had the time to transliterate her words yet - I'll get to it ASAP - she is into ... bags and accessories. You'll see!). She didn't know my blog before I contacted her for the interview and when we had finished talking i.e. she had finished answering my questions, she made two remarks on my blog that I found interesting.

Firstly she was astonished that the blog ... translated itself. I found that hilarious. Wouldn't that be great? Wouldn't that be easy? When I explained that it was actually ME that wrote the words in English, she was even more astonished. I explained about my being multilingual, about my love for the English language (even though I still make a lot of mistakes! But I keep on practicing...).

Secondly she was astonished that she hadn't found any pictures of ... people. She said something like: "There aren't any pictures of people. And there isn't one picture of you!" I explained to her that I don't want my picture posted because how I look is not important - my words and my images are to me though (thus the title of my blog). She didn't totally agree with me but that's OK.

And that is what makes life intersting, isn't it? People with other opinions - amongst other things of course :-)

PS: Talking to this lady made me realize that I started my blog back in October 2009! Amazing how time flies!

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Facebook ... Again

I really love about Facebook, besides the reasons I mentioned last week, when old friends contact me (or vice versa). Therefore I was totally excited when this friend of mine contacted me a couple of months back. I couldn't believe my eyes when I read her name! We had worked together a lifetime ago during one of my numerous temporary jobs (I had just moved to Zurich from Lausanne and needed money before flying off to San Francisco - as I said, a lifetime ago!!). Later we lost touch. I wouldn't have been able to contact her because she got married in the meantime ... and is now living in Geneva! We chatted a bit and would have loved to have coffee right away to catch up but she never comes to Zurich and I never go to Geneva.

But then, never say never. Right? I was surprisingly invited to this birthday dinner (overnight stay included) and here I was in Geneva.
We had coffee and did some serious catching-up! 15 years it's a long time, let me tell you. A lot to talk about. She is a yoga teacher now and with her husband they are trying to launch an energy bar. Incredible. She lived in Chicago for four years and we could have met there because it was just during the two times I visited. Life is incredible :-)

Thank you Facebook!

Monday, May 27, 2013

Train Journey

I spent a long weekend doing what I love most: moving around. SMILE
I went to Geneva and back by train (will tell you about it) and I suddenly realized how taking the train is no longer going from A to B reading a book or listening to music or talking to your travel companion. I should have though as I am taking the train a lot. No idea why this trip was different. An eye opener. Suddenly I figured out that train journeys nowadays feel like ... being in a big shared living room.

A part of me is understanding. Tolerant. Broad-minded. I strongly believe that everybody should be allowed to express himself.
But then there is this other part of me. The part that isn't sure if she wants to know about the latest date or exam or problems of a total stranger sitting coincidentally in the seat next to mine talking over her smart phone. Do I want to listen to a mother helping her children doing home work, arguing about the correct use of "accent grave"? Do I want to watch a guy (I couldn't avoid it - he was sitting in front of me!) wolfing down an Asian dish (with the accurante sounds!), then licking (extensively) a spoon (I supposed it was to clean it) before devouring two yoghurts (don't forget the sounds and more licking after having finished)? Do I really?

Do I really? I don't (I realized that on my yesterday's return trip) but will continue to bear it graciously because I love moving around too much and I believe too strongly in freedom. I don't have to like it though and I continue believing that good old stuff like politness, manners, consideration for others would make our (public) life much nicer.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

The Other's World: HEALING in Sderot, Israel

This is a first to me. I am posting words of a person that I've actually never personally met (at least not yet - we're probably gonna have coffee next week). I learned about her "healing" project in Sderot Israel because of a flyer that her mother put on the bulletin board of my line dance class. The mother saw me looking at the flyer and explained what her daughter was doing / trying to do (at that time she was just about to leave for Israel). It was immediately clear to me that she would be perfect for my blog and was very happy when she actually agreed on participating. Some months later we skyped (she had left Israel in the meantime and was in Thailand at that time) and I asked my questions.
Her practice is called "Guidance to Healing": for more details.
I admire her courage and determination. She lives her vision (shouldn't we all do the same?) - I admire that the most!

Her answers are below. The pictures are hers (taken during her stay in Sderot, Israel) and you'll find the English translation at the bottom (as usual, all translation mistakes are mine!).

Thursday, May 16, 2013


Do you like to sing? I definitively do. Very much so. Preferably while driving my car, alone. I LOVE it, especially while driving on the highway (then I sing louder as usual as if somehow my car's speed was connected to the volume of my voice SMILE). Fantastic!
A couple of weeks ago a friend of mine mentioned a singing workshop. She had already attended last year and was thrilled. Apparently this singer comes to town once a year, helds a concert and than a workshop the day after. This singer was trained on Broadway originally and later decided on singing Mantras*.
I didn't hesitate and subscribed to the workshop. I love to sing, OK, but what I love even better are new experiences. And a singing workshop would definitively be a new experience.

To cut a long story short ... it was wonderful! Singing in my car is already wonderful but doing so with a lot of other people is even better. When all the voices came together it felt like ... I don't know, no word comes to my mind to describe it. It's not only a wonderful exercise for correct breathing but singing kind of opens your heart. Too cheesy for you? Well, maybe you're right. But that was how I felt.
I left the workshop feeling ... light and bright and full of energy.
I know. I know. Too cheesy again. I can't change how I felt though.

At the end of the workshop I remembered why, as a child, I loved going to church. Because I could sing. Loud! Even though the (Roman) church/the priests never answered my questions about life and death, at least not in a satisfactory way for me, and I moreover never got the idea of paradise (for some) and hell (for others), I adored the singing part! I remembered how good it felt (acoustics in a church are wonderful and helped me feel all the better).
Therefore, folks, let's all keep on singing!

*Meaning of mantra, as read on Wikipedia: A mantra is a sound, syllable, word, or group of words that is considered capable of "creating transformation" (meaning: spiritual transformation). Its use and type varies according to the school and philosophy associated with the mantra.
Mantras originated in the Vedic tradition of India, becoming an essential part of the Hindu tradition and a customary practice with Buddhism, Sikhism and Jainism.

Wednesday, May 8, 2013


I've been neglecting you. I am so sorry. I can't seem to find the words to tell you things, these days. I have been busy at work, attended a very nice singing workshop (I have to tell you about it - totally amazing). Not to forget my shopping spree of last week (sooooooooooo cool) and this Saturday I am going to Ammersee (Bayern - Germany) to a pottery market (which, apparently, is rather amazing).

There are things going on but the words have somehow abandoned me.

Don't worry. Wordless weeks do happen to me from time to time. No idea why though. It just happens.

(Usually) the words are coming back to me. Sooner or later :-)