Thursday, April 4, 2013

Thrift Shop

I am usually not a great fan of thrift shops (Brockenhaus) but today I felt like shopping and as my budget is rather tight these days (a lot of places to travel to), I decided to give it a try.

Oh wow. What a place. It felt like a journey to the past. Oh my. It's incredible how much stuff is given away! Strolling along the shelves felt really like a journey to the past. I swear I saw some dishes and other stuff that my mother had back in the eighties! It was amazing :-)
I bought three candle stick holders made out of iron that will look very nice with colored candles.
Then I bought some picture frames, a very nice scarf (see picture below) and a seed box for all my earrings.
But the coolest thing ever is ... rug beater. Do you think that I have gone crazy? Maybe. But this ... thing (that actually reminds me of my youth - my mother used to "threaten" me to beat me with it if I wouldn't do this or that ... which of course she never did!! and which of course I knew exactly she wouldn't do SMILE), well this thing ... looks very good on my wall. It's like a still life - I love it:

I think that it looks great on my wall! on the right you see one of the picture frames I bought

rug beater

scarf - design reminds me of the fifties - sixties...

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