Monday, March 18, 2013

Firenze - giorno 4

Shopping. Shopping. Shopping. That was today's goal (after a last culture trip to the Monastero San Marco where we saw wonderful frescos of Fra Angelico!). Today was, what I call, a successful day.
Do you wanna know what I bought? Here we go.

1 bag (I'll post pictures as soon as I am back - promised!)
3 nail polish at Kiko (what else?)
2 geographical maps that look like they are ancient (do you know the style?)
1 pair of ballerinas (a total bargain - for only 9.90 EUR)
2 lip glosses
1 scarf
1 key chain
1 diary (binded in very nice leather)

What I need to buy now are my favorite magazines and then I am a very happy girl!

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