Sunday, March 17, 2013

Firenze - giorno 3

Do you wonder if we made it to the Uffizi? Well, we ... didn't! We've strolled by three times today: first time at 10 am - the line was long and it said: 60 minutes wait.
We decided on Palazzo Pitti.
The second time it was just after lunch at 1.30 pm. The line was even longer and it said: 2 (two!!!!!) hours wait.
We decided on the Ferragamo Museum (and its special exhibition about Ferragamo shoes and Marilyn Monroe - wonderful!!).
The third time it was 4 pm. and the line was like the one in the morning and it said: 90 minutes wait.
We decided on Palazzo Vecchio.

We tried. Really. But apparently it wasn't meant to be (and it gives me an excuse to come back!).

Tomorrow we're going on a short visit to Monastero San Marco and its Frescos. After that there is just one thing to do: SHOPPING!!!!!

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