Friday, March 15, 2013

Firenze - arrival day

My train left at 7 am what, translated in get up time, means that I woke up at 5.20. I literally jumped off the bed. Today, I was going to Firenze!

An uneventful (train) journey later, we arrived in Firenze.

My first impression: wow
Second impression: wow
Third impression: soooo many people (most of them English and American!)

We walked through the mercato (third wow - I've already seen at least 4 bags that I would like to buy) to the Duomo. Another wow.

We didn't go to any museum. We walked around, absorbed all the impressions, had early dinner and went to the hotel early as well. Now, we'll decide where to go tomorrow.

Here some first pictures of this beautiful Renaissaince city:

Il Duomo

Il Duomo - from inside

Il Davide di Michelangelo (copy - the original is in the museum)

Il Ponte Vecchio

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