Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Firenze - remembering

I know, I know, the title "Firenze - remembering" gets old. I've been back now, what, almost a week and still title my posts "remembering"? Well, yes, I do even though since today it feels strange as I just received my flight ticket for Madeira (have I told you that I am going to Madeira in April?). Even though I started studying the guide book of Madeira, remembering Firenze still feels good.
Therefore, please allow me one last "remembering Firenze". I don't wanna talk about art or history or architecture but about how friendly people were. That amazed me most, honestly speaking. I'd have thought that in a city where there are millions of tourists every year, the waiters and hotel clerks and museum clerks must be somehow tired and not willing to smile at all the tourists. However, they did. Everybody was friendly, obliging and helpful. Crazy. Good for them! They have realized that smiling makes life easier (especially when handling stupid tourists SMILE).

An example? We went to one restaurant twice. When we entered the restaurant the second time, the guy not only recognized us but also offered us some vino santo because, his words, you've been here the second time already. Incredible. And no, the guy wasn't hitting on us - he was just being friendly! Well, it doesn't hurt that he was good looking :-)

Summing up I'd say: Firenze, I'll be back!

Friday, March 22, 2013

Firenze - remembering

I promised to share a couple of other pictures with you. Here we go... Enjoy!

detail of Duomo


Thursday, March 21, 2013

Firenze - remembering

   I've done my laundring and gone through all the stuff I've bought and collected during my stay in Firenze. While doing so, I was thinking about a question that my friend and I asked ourselves on our last evening in Firenze: If we could establish a Top 3 of all the art / museums / statues / buildings we've seen, what would they be? What did touch our hearts most? I thought that it was a difficult question and I had to add a fourth point because three didn't seem enough (even four are not enough!):
  • Duomo / Cattedrale di Santa Maria del Fiore: MAESTOSO
  • Fra Angelico's Fresco in the Convent of San Marco (see above) - Annunziazione: ETHEREAL
  • Biblioteca Medicea Laurenziana: thanks to the de' Medici family's money this first public library ever was created in the Basilica di San Lorenzo (the books were attached to chains!): INSPIRING
  • Donatello's sculpture in Bronze of David (see below - Donatello was not only a master with marble but with bronze as well): PERFECTION

Bronze David by Donatello
Donatello's Davide

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Firenze - after

My jeans were tight this morning. Pretty tight! Too many antipasti, too much pasta, too much meat and a little bit too much wine make that the jeans are tight.
Well. La vita รจ bella and my jeans will fit normally again in a couple of days. As soon as I'll get back to my daily routine i.e. daily routine in eating. Don't you think?

I am back to work but my mind keeps going back to all the wonderful art I've seen in the last couple of days. I will sort out my pictures in the next days and will post some of them!

Monday, March 18, 2013

Firenze - giorno 4

Shopping. Shopping. Shopping. That was today's goal (after a last culture trip to the Monastero San Marco where we saw wonderful frescos of Fra Angelico!). Today was, what I call, a successful day.
Do you wanna know what I bought? Here we go.

1 bag (I'll post pictures as soon as I am back - promised!)
3 nail polish at Kiko (what else?)
2 geographical maps that look like they are ancient (do you know the style?)
1 pair of ballerinas (a total bargain - for only 9.90 EUR)
2 lip glosses
1 scarf
1 key chain
1 diary (binded in very nice leather)

What I need to buy now are my favorite magazines and then I am a very happy girl!

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Firenze - giorno 3

Do you wonder if we made it to the Uffizi? Well, we ... didn't! We've strolled by three times today: first time at 10 am - the line was long and it said: 60 minutes wait.
We decided on Palazzo Pitti.
The second time it was just after lunch at 1.30 pm. The line was even longer and it said: 2 (two!!!!!) hours wait.
We decided on the Ferragamo Museum (and its special exhibition about Ferragamo shoes and Marilyn Monroe - wonderful!!).
The third time it was 4 pm. and the line was like the one in the morning and it said: 90 minutes wait.
We decided on Palazzo Vecchio.

We tried. Really. But apparently it wasn't meant to be (and it gives me an excuse to come back!).

Tomorrow we're going on a short visit to Monastero San Marco and its Frescos. After that there is just one thing to do: SHOPPING!!!!!

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Firenze - giorno 2

We wanted to go to the Uffizi museum ... but when we saw the line waiting to get a ticket and the display that said: waiting line 90 minutes ... we decided to change our plans!

We went on to the Bargello museum instead where we marvelled at some really amazing Michelangelo statues ... his early work. Totally amazing. I know. I keep saying: totally amazing. But Firenze is totally amazing. It's like one big museum :-)

I spent the afternoon walking the streets while my friend decided to go shopping. I went to the other side of the Arno, up the hill, because I wanted to enjoy the view of Florence from "the top" (and because the weather forecast says it's gonna rain tomorrow). I went to one view point first but wasn't able to see the Dome. I was sooo disappointed. I had climbed the hill (and all the stairs for nothing!). Just because I had some spare time, I decided to visit another park and what do I get to see? The perfect view! Judge by yourself:

Did I mention that we visited the Gucci museum? I couldn't miss it :-) There is one of Ferragamo as well - we'll probably go there on Monday
PS: We'll try the Uffizi tomorrow again! 

Friday, March 15, 2013

Firenze - arrival day

My train left at 7 am what, translated in get up time, means that I woke up at 5.20. I literally jumped off the bed. Today, I was going to Firenze!

An uneventful (train) journey later, we arrived in Firenze.

My first impression: wow
Second impression: wow
Third impression: soooo many people (most of them English and American!)

We walked through the mercato (third wow - I've already seen at least 4 bags that I would like to buy) to the Duomo. Another wow.

We didn't go to any museum. We walked around, absorbed all the impressions, had early dinner and went to the hotel early as well. Now, we'll decide where to go tomorrow.

Here some first pictures of this beautiful Renaissaince city:

Il Duomo

Il Duomo - from inside

Il Davide di Michelangelo (copy - the original is in the museum)

Il Ponte Vecchio

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Firenze - arrivo!

There is (almost) nothing better than to get ready for a trip. Good, surely the trip itself and some other things that I appreciate :-) But let's say that getting ready for a trip is totally exciting! You pack clothes, shoes, toiletries, computer, dairy, book, iPod, foreign money, passport, train tickets, hotel voucher (sometimes), sun glasses ... and with your mind you're already there. The Unknown Place. The Place To Discover. Totally exciting!


Can't wait to be there. I have seen so many pictures, heard some many stories - now I get to see everything by myself:

Il Davide di Michelangelo
Il Duomo
Il Ponte Vecchio
Gli Uffizi
La Galleria dell'Accademia

I'll keep you posted my dears! With words and images :-)

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

The Other's World: BEEKEEPER

J. was in my same Line Dance class (my "old" class on Thursday). One evening, I came to class and saw a jar of honey on the counter. It intrigued me. Usually, on the counter you'll find flyers for some dance event ... not honey! I asked around and was suprised to hear that the honey had been produced by J's own honey bees! Do you know anybody who does own honey bees? I certainly didn't! Therefore I couldn't miss the opportunity to ask him some questions for my blog.
Here are his answers (English version at the bottom, as usual: my translation - my mistakes!). The pictures are mine. I thought that flowers went well with the subject :-) And by the way: the honey was delicious!

Thursday, March 7, 2013

More Pictures

I just realized that I have neglected the "images" part of my blog. I am sorry! Truly sorry! There were a lot of words lately but rarely some images.

It'll get better with spring. I promise. Because it's simply a fact that during wintertime my eyes don't "see" like they do the rest of the year.
Next week I'll be in Firenze and will share my pictures with you. Then I had this idea with a new rubric (like "The Other's World") that will have pictures instead of words.

All I/you need is patience. Spring'll come (even though they announced some more snow for next week - incredible - this winter is a never ending story!).

Friday, March 1, 2013

The Other's World: SOCIAL WORKER

I have known M. for more than 10 years. We met when we were both studying at the same school - she Spanish, German and Journalism - me French, German and Journalism.
What I particularly love about our friendship is that we can discuss everything. Literally everything. We go on for hours and hours. We talk politics, society, her work, my (new) ideas or whatever we are pissed of at this very moment (usually it's some politician / group of politicians :-). We both love to travel (she often travels to Africa which I envy her of!!). And we both have an  inner restlessness that connects us!
I admire the work she does for and with sex workers. She is a social worker for a small association that supports the improvement of working conditions of sex workers. It's a hard job that gets to you - I couldn't do it, honestly speaking!
Let's read what she has to tell us. The pictures were chosen by her and are related to the German text (images of her words so to speak). Please find the English version at the bottom, as usual (my translation - my mistakes!).