Tuesday, February 19, 2013

The Smell of Curry

I had some friends over for dinner on Saturday. They had been on a cruise in the Antarctic and wanted to show me the pictures they had taken. They had a wonderful trip and the pictures made me dream.

But that is NOT want I wanted to talk about.

I wanted to talk about the smell of curry.

Dinner on Saturday consisted (amongst other dishes) of a noodle gratin flavored with curry (it tasted wonderfully by the way!). As we sat until one a.m. and talked about Antarctic adventures, I did the dishes only on Sunday morning. Then I left for the day (my niece's christening). It was only when I came home on Sunday night that I realized that my appartment smelled like ... an Indian restaurant!! (Luckily my perfumed candle helped getting rid of the smell! Try sleeping in a one bedroom appartment that smells of curry!)

What was funny though is that this smell of curry made me think of my very first BFF (Best Friend Forever - like they call it today). Her name was Soraya, she was from Pakistan and she lived with her parents in the same apartment house. I must have been 7 or 8 years old (or maybe even younger - I am no good with numbers of my past). What I remember well, though, is the smell of their appartment: the smell of curry. By the way: it was only decades later I was actually able to define this odor - that was when I started traveling! (Italians don't use curry in their cuisine. SMILE)

PS: Do you know what I also remember about Soraya? The fact that she always had to do what her father said. ALWAYS. He was so very strict and had such strong opinions about what a girl should or, above all, shouldn't do. Strange that I remember this detail. I recall that even back then it didn't feel good to me - repressed comes to my mind today (ask my parents - I was never an easy one to order around - always had my own ideas SMILE). I wonder what became of Soraya...

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