Sunday, February 10, 2013

The Gym

The (what I call) New Year Resolutions' madness at the gym is over. Thank you God! In January, promptly every year, the gym begins to fill up with people I never see again let's say in March. Never ever again. It's crazy. Ok, they maybe come back a couple of times before their summer vacations or I see some others after the summer vacations but for the rest of the year? Just us, the usual bodies :-)

I go to the gym three times a week. Now, you think that I am some kind of sports fanatic. I am not. Totally not. I am no size zero girl (far far away from that!). I am no perfect figure girl but at least my muscle tone is nice. These last years I have been losing weight (I had to, believe me!). Slowly, very slowly, but steadily. I am glad about this. I don't want to diet and, worse, talk about dieting all the time. I don't want to go to war with scales. I don't want to think about what kind of food I am NOT allowed to eat all the time, worse, counting calories. I try to eat reasonably (most of the time SMILE I do love to eat too much) and ... I go to the gym.
This is what I call my long term health plan. hahahahaha Got you. For a minute you thought that I was THE perfect girl. hahahaha If ever. No no. I go to the gym because it makes me and my body feel better.
I never could understand people who exaggerate (in every life's aspect that is). Why join the gym and go there six times a week (sweating like crazy!) for only a month? The "one month only" reason is obvious. You get totally tired of going to the gym six times a week! Suddenly you have no other life and that's not good.

PS: I suppose the manager at my gym is happy about all these people who exaggerate. What would his yearly income look like without these January subscriptions?

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