Friday, January 4, 2013


I have already been back a couple of days and I still haven't told you about my short trip to Hamburg. What to say? I can't always use adjectives like "amazing" or "beautiful", don't you think? With Hamburg though the word that trotted in my mind during the three days I've visited was ... stately (herrschaftlich). This city has a "je ne sais quoi" that makes it ... proud. Must be the glourious past (harbor cities were rich and famous back in the days - and probably still are - well, maybe only the rich part nowadays :-), maybe it was the wonderful big buildings, maybe it was the busy harbour, maybe it was the elegant parks, the glossy Mercedes in the streets (they don't seem to drive in any other kind of car). I don't know.
This city has class. Northern class. Without gold adornments, palm trees or Southern charm. Classy in its own way.

The inhabitants have adapted well to their city. They were not heartly, but ... they were not unfriendly either, mind you. No, just standoffish. As soon as I started talking to them, the smile came and they were very obliging. On first sight though... one had to earn their smile :-) I don't know Germany well. The few times I have been there was for short visits in the Southern part. I always thought that people were so nice and friendly. Well, up north it's another story. I was glad that a lady (during our long train ride) told us about it. She said: Don't expect them to smile. I was a bit shocked but in the end she was totally right. They smile yes, but not at once. I don't mind this kind of behaviour. I think that it is honest. And I like honesty.

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