Friday, December 7, 2012

My ad in a travel magazine

I have never updated you on my meeting people who responded to my ad in the travel magazine. It's unbelievable! People are still writing me and I am still meeting people. Amazing! Besides the one jerk I told you about (the one who mixed up "travel companion" with another kind of companion SMILE), all the others I met were really nice and interesting people. What an amazing experience. I never thought that it was was gonna be that good meeting new people (and talking about traveling all the time).

I can't go into all the details about all the new ideas and new travel plans I now have. You will anyway find out by regularly reading my blog SMILE.

My Asia trip in January is postponed though. One day it became clear to me. The timing was wrong. January is high season in Asia, i.e. overcroweded places and expensive flights / tours. No thanks. It's better to go in December (maybe next year?), I've learned.
I am not unhappy about it. At all. Sometimes the timing is not correct. No more no less.
And it's not that I am never going anywhere :-) (just been to Milan and haven't had the time to tell you about all the totally cool stuff I bought... sorry!)

As now I am not going anywhere in January but don't however work between Christmas and New Year (our office is closed), I was thinking about going somewhere for a couple of days. I called one of the girls I met thanks to my ad and as she is as straightforward as I am (my first impression proved true), we quickly decided on a destination: HAMBURG. We're staying four nights and I can't wait.
As easy as that (good things usually are).

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