Wednesday, December 12, 2012


Do you like to cook?
I do. Sometimes (or should I say rarely?). I'd say that I am an ok chef but not an extraordinary one. I just know how to follow receipts in a cook book SMILE. What I do like though, very much so, is inviting people to have lunch / dinner at my house. I'd forgotten how wonderful this is.

I spent my last 6.5 years living like a gypsy. I loved every minute of my life and didn't mind one bit having to live in shared appartments or single rooms with shared kitchen/bath or small hotels (when living in Italy). Inviting people was a rather ... how should I say ... complicated? difficult? matter (for obvious reasons - I lived in small rooms, had shared kitchens etc. - not easy to invite people under such circumstances :-).
That has changed now.
I started inviting friends and family again. I love it. I love thinking about the menu and spending time in the grocery shop.I love setting the table and bake and cook for my guests. What I particularly love though is spending an evening with people I love, eating good food, drink some wine and talk.

Now you must think that I am a kind of goddess of the kitchen. That you will see me in my own kitchen show on TV?


NOT AT ALL, BELIEVE ME! I am so totally not. Soooo not. Inviting people once a month doesn't make me a goddess of the kitchen SMILE. But once every couple of weeks I like to pretend to be one - and enjoy it wholeheartedly!

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