Friday, December 21, 2012

The Other's World: QI GONG

I have known D. for two years now. She is my Qi Gong teacher and I can say, without any doubt in my heart, that I wouldn't be where I am today without her. I know it might sound cheesy but this lady has a special gift - for people, for Qi Gong, for emotions.
I feel very pleased and am honored to have her and her words in my blog. It was interesting for me to look behind the scenes, so to speak :-) To sit with her, face to face, and do this interview. Normally we meet in her class room and normally I am totally focused on myself and therefore didn't, up to now, get to know her better.
She keeps gently urging me to join her and her scholars in one of the one week retreats she does in Croatia but for reasons that are too boring to mention now, I haven't done any retreat in Croatia. Yet.
Did I mention this? Besides having her place in Zurich where she offers courses and therapy (, she also offers these retreats (
Now, let's read what she has to tell about Qi Gong and herself. The English version is at the very bottom (any mistakes are mine, as usual). The pictures, however, are hers and were taken in Croatia.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012


Do you like to cook?
I do. Sometimes (or should I say rarely?). I'd say that I am an ok chef but not an extraordinary one. I just know how to follow receipts in a cook book SMILE. What I do like though, very much so, is inviting people to have lunch / dinner at my house. I'd forgotten how wonderful this is.

I spent my last 6.5 years living like a gypsy. I loved every minute of my life and didn't mind one bit having to live in shared appartments or single rooms with shared kitchen/bath or small hotels (when living in Italy). Inviting people was a rather ... how should I say ... complicated? difficult? matter (for obvious reasons - I lived in small rooms, had shared kitchens etc. - not easy to invite people under such circumstances :-).
That has changed now.
I started inviting friends and family again. I love it. I love thinking about the menu and spending time in the grocery shop.I love setting the table and bake and cook for my guests. What I particularly love though is spending an evening with people I love, eating good food, drink some wine and talk.

Now you must think that I am a kind of goddess of the kitchen. That you will see me in my own kitchen show on TV?


NOT AT ALL, BELIEVE ME! I am so totally not. Soooo not. Inviting people once a month doesn't make me a goddess of the kitchen SMILE. But once every couple of weeks I like to pretend to be one - and enjoy it wholeheartedly!

Friday, December 7, 2012

My ad in a travel magazine

I have never updated you on my meeting people who responded to my ad in the travel magazine. It's unbelievable! People are still writing me and I am still meeting people. Amazing! Besides the one jerk I told you about (the one who mixed up "travel companion" with another kind of companion SMILE), all the others I met were really nice and interesting people. What an amazing experience. I never thought that it was was gonna be that good meeting new people (and talking about traveling all the time).

I can't go into all the details about all the new ideas and new travel plans I now have. You will anyway find out by regularly reading my blog SMILE.

My Asia trip in January is postponed though. One day it became clear to me. The timing was wrong. January is high season in Asia, i.e. overcroweded places and expensive flights / tours. No thanks. It's better to go in December (maybe next year?), I've learned.
I am not unhappy about it. At all. Sometimes the timing is not correct. No more no less.
And it's not that I am never going anywhere :-) (just been to Milan and haven't had the time to tell you about all the totally cool stuff I bought... sorry!)

As now I am not going anywhere in January but don't however work between Christmas and New Year (our office is closed), I was thinking about going somewhere for a couple of days. I called one of the girls I met thanks to my ad and as she is as straightforward as I am (my first impression proved true), we quickly decided on a destination: HAMBURG. We're staying four nights and I can't wait.
As easy as that (good things usually are).

Tuesday, December 4, 2012


N. and I have known each other for a couple of years. She is a friend of a friend and usually we meet when we do "girls night out". We share the same cultural background (being Italian).
I have visited N. in the shop her husband owns for the interview. Quite a shop, I must admit. Having only a small appartment, I couldn't treat myself to new stuff (ooh, but I could have. Believe me!). I limited my purchases to one candle and one of these bottles filled with a smelling liquid (in my case: vanilla) where you put wood sticks in it and it keeps smelling good for a long time (you know what I mean?) The shop was amazing and the items they sell are funny or cool and some of them are simply crazy!
Besides helping out in her husband's shop, N. owns an online shop ( If you are looking for some Christmas presents, this may be the solution :-)

Let's hear what she has to say about her business. I took the pictures during my visit. They sell furniture as well, of course, but I lost my heart to the special and crazy items :-)
You'll find the English version after the German version, as usual.