Thursday, November 8, 2012

Where did time go?

I can't believe it's already November. NOVEMBER! What the hell? Where did time go? Where did this year go? Where did autumn go? Wow. I'm usually not the kind of woman who is always "bloody" busy but these last few weeks, I must admit, I have been pretty busy. Busy in the very good sense of the word, mind you.
I have all these ideas (more than usually, do you believe that?) and, unlike other years, I seem to have a lot of energy to realize them.
Looking back, I realize that it started during summer: I have an idea, think about it for a short time (a SHORT time - this is what makes it unusual - I usually tend to overthink stuff) and then take off to realize it. And usually it works. Ok, mine are not big, earthchanging ideas but they enrich my life. That's what's important :-)
I've discovered, talking to my friends, that everybody kind of is pretty busy these days. A very nice kind of busy. A productive kind of busy. It must be something in the air. Maybe there is more energy due to 21.12.12. Who knows? I have read somewhere that, astrologically speaking, we're living strong times.
Must be that.
Well, in any case, I hope you're enjoying the ride as well!!

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