Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Friendly client service ... a foreign notion?

Isn't "client service" important to some companies any longer? I question myself. It may be that my yesterday's experience with a sales clerk isn't representative but ... yes, but. Sometimes, I fear it is...
Let me tell you what happened.
I had ordered some Christmas presents on the Internet for some of our clients. Yesterday, I received a big box by post and when I checked the contents, I noticed that 15 of the smaller client presents were wrong. The delivery note was correct. The goods not.
I called the company.
Firstly, I was transferred four (!!) times until I finally could talk to the right person.
Secondly, the lady was not friendly at all and doubted that I was telling the truth. She simply said: "I'll check and will call you back." Her voice was implying: what a jerk!
Thirdly, she kept calling me by my frist name: Mrs Simonetta. Can't she read the order correctly?

I hung up feeling slightly pissed. I tried to remain fair-minded though because working in a client service department is not easy (I've done it and know how it is).

When she called back, two hours later, not only she kept calling me Mrs Simonetta (even though I told her TWICE that Simonetta was my first name!!) but her voice was all business and again not friendly at all.
Luckily for her, I was feeling friendly yesterday and was in an excellent mood. Otherwise, I probably would have yelled at her, because it was their mistake, not mine but she kept treating me as SHE was the one who was pissed off because SHE now had to solve the issue even though I could have kept the wrong merchandise and make HER life easier, couldn't I?
Do you get the lady?
However, what finally pissed me off most was that ... she never said "excuse us". Never. NEVER ONCE. Is this what they call "service to the client"?

I hung up, without adding more words. It's clear though that not only we will deduct the postage expenses on the bill but never ever again order some Christmas presents in their Internet shop.

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