Friday, October 5, 2012

Step 3 of my move: to load up a truck

Truck is loaded and ready to go. Wow, I am totally relieved about this fact. Not only because I have a truck at my disposal for the big day tomorrow but also because we were enough people to load it up. Only a week ago, this fact was no longer sure because a friend of my father who had been telling us(the whole summer - mind you!!) that yes, he would help, and that yes, he would bring the truck he usually used for work, suddenly, didn't seem as positive about it any longer. He never said: No, I won't help you. He never clearly said, yes, I'll help you, either. It was more a "mmmh, it's gonna be OK" and a "no, no, don't you worry, we'll deal with it somehow" (his face saying something totally different though). Oh man, was I disappointed! Couldn't he have said so at the beginning (somewhere around June / July!!)? Well, let's no longer talk about this guy. He's not worth it.
I finally asked a friend of mine if he would help and if he knew someone who owns a truck. He luckily said yes to both questions and here we are now: Friday night, truck loaded up, ready to move!!!

Tonight is my last night in this room which I have been calling mine for more than 3 years now. It's a bit sad, I must admit. It felt good living here, really good. And goodbyes are sad even though I am very much looking forward to having an appartment all to myself again. Gladly, I'm just moving a couple of steps away (will remain in the same house, in a separate appartment). Being sad it's OK though. New beginnings always contain a certain sadness for what we leave behind (when what we leave behind has been nice, of course).

PS: Loading up the truck with all my stuff tonight, I thought of another question for my yesterday's post: How many books does someone need?
I certainly own MORE than enough of them - I had actually forgotten how many exactly (several boxes and bags! Amazing!).

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