Thursday, October 4, 2012

Step 2 of my move: clothes, shoes and bags

How many shoes does a woman need? How many bags does a woman need? How many clothes?

Today, while moving my summer stuff from my actual room to my new appartment I got philosophical. (And thinking about tomorrow, when I'll be moving all my winter clothes, bags and shoes, gets me sick...)

I love fashion and shoes and adore bags but when you have actually to carry them from one place to the other ... oh my, for a second there, I wished I were different: owning one pair of shoes for each season, same for the bags and let's say three outfits. (Mmmh, just the thought gave me goose bumps SMILE. Try thinking it! It's scary!)
I spent my afternoon carrying stuff down two stairways, out of the door, six steps to another door, up another two stairways. After the sixth or seventh time I started to laugh (that was just after being philosophical :-))
Ridiculous! Really. How can I tell everybody that I am good at owning less, at spending less (implying that I therefore live more and better)?

How can I????

Now sitting at my computer, writing these words, I realise that I AM good at owning less. I AM good at spending less. And I live much better than a couple of years back.
It's just that now, having less money at my disposal for fashion, I am no longer good at ... throwing stuff away or donating it!
It's as simple as that.
Keeping is cheaper than (re-)buying.

PS: Ooh, I just thought of another question for my introduction: How many bottles of nail polish does a woman need???

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