Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Step 1 of my move: Office stuff

I've been talking about my new one bedroom appartment and my new office space for so long, I can't hardly believe that NOW the time actually has come to do the real moving thing. Do you know the feeling? You look forward to something, you talk about it, you dream about it and then (it seems suddenly but in fact it isn't suddenly at all!!) ... it's reality!

Well, my reality of moving is right now because I started packing my office stuff. Two things about it leave me speechless:

1) Where did the piles of stuff I have in my (very small!!) office come from???
You know, three years ago I started this job working ... one day a week. Back then, I didn't have much stuff because I didn't need anything. Just my laptop and the printer (good, maybe some pens and paper SMILE). Over the years, though, I started working more hours, then more days and, apparently, with the more hours the more stuff appeared somehow as well. On Monday, my first working day at the new office, it will not only be about getting the Internet working and the phone line (I have NO IDEA how I am gonna do this but I prefer not to think about it right now - other stuff to think about that are more important). No, it will be also be about: do I really need of all this stuff? I will probably have to throw things away. I can't start my new office life in an overcroweded office, can I?

2) Where did all this dust come from? It's disgusting, really! Only when you clear a place you actually see... how NOT clean it is. I didn't know that I actually always had an office friend working with me, called THE DUST :-)))

On Friday I will move all my clothes to my new appartment and then on Saturday, with the help of my father and a friend, it's gonna be the furniture.
Do you want to know a funny thing?
I have lived like a gypsy for the last 6.5 years: living here and there, always in furnished places. I'll have to tell you some of it as it started well before I started my blog. Fact is, 6.5 years ago, when I decided to give up my appartment and to go to Italy (not knowing what life would be about - I just wanted a change), I stored all my stuff (like CDs, books, souvenirs, furniture, etc.) and haven't looked at it ever since. Therefore, Saturday, I will be discovering everything I own again!! Wow, it's gonna be a journey down memory lane :-)

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