Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Zürichsee-Rundweg: Etappe 7 (Rapperswil - Stäfa)

As summer is now definitively over (even though we are having quite some nice after-summer-days!), I thought that it was time to take up hiking again. In order to complete my "Zürichsee-Rundweg-Wanderung".

Today, I walked from Rapperswil to Stäfa. The guide said 3.5 hours - it took me about 3 hours ... because ... I got lost.
Ooh yeah, I got lost in the middle of beautiful "Goldküste". Somehow I missed a turn (I must admit that this part of the tour was hard to find. The sign "84", indicating this tour, was nowhere to be seen). When I suddendly saw the train station of Uerikon from afar, I knew I had taken the wrong path. The right one would have been more up the hill, with a better view, away from the houses.
I thought about walking back but finally decided against it. I walked the final 30 / 45 minutes in the densly built part of the lake and looked at nice houses instead of the lake! And they were nice the houses, you have to believe me!

I nevertheless had a wonderful day and a very nice walk!

Rapperswil from afar

the Alps

Don't you think that he is cute??

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