Tuesday, September 4, 2012


view from the kitchen of my cousin's appartment


I have been totally ... away from the world, this last week. It was fantastic. No cell phone (well, I had it with me but I called nobody and nobody called me), no computer, no internet, no facebook. Well, you got it. No technology. The above pictures are from a couple of years back. I didn't take ONE picture, not one, that will explain my state of mind.
I didn't even use my good old notebook (I had it with me but it stayed in my suitcase the whole time).

I just was.

Nowadays, I realized, that is the real luxury. Simply to be. My mind was totally empty by the second day and I spent my days thinking ... nothing. Well, there were some decisions to take but these were rather simple, like: what do we eat for lunch? What for dinner? Do we go to the beach now? Or later? Do I take my siesta now? Uuuuh, as I said, VERY important decisions hahahahaha

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