Thursday, September 6, 2012


OK, I admit it. Last week, in Italy, it was not only about doing nothing. I went shopping as well :-) (Can't be someone I am not, don't you think? SMILE).
Friday it rained (it rained for about 30 minutes then it was cloudy). People went to the beach anyway but for us it was the perfect excuse not to go to the beach but to go to the shopping mall instead. We spent a wonderful day strolling around but I didn't find anything (I wasn't looking too hard, I must admit, I had a rather big expense before leaving for Italy - my car needed some new parts!!) All I bought were three new shades of nail polish - see picture below - and lots of fashion magazines (will tell you about them in a next post).

I did some really nice bargains ... on the beach though. Si. Si. On the beach. You might know that on some beaches in Italy there are ladies and gents from Africa, Asia and South America trying to sell the tourists stuff (in Cattolica, for ex. you don't find them because the local administration chase them off). It's rather annoying, normally. Compra, compra, compra (buy, buy, buy) they say all the time while all I want is to read my book. One gets used to it though. What I didn't know, though, is that these guys offer their items on sale as well. End of season sale - so to speak!
I found that funny.
They explained me that they have goods they sell on the beaches all over Italy during summer. Then, during winter time, they move to Milano or other big cities in Italy and then they change their offered goods as well (city people, apparently, don't have the same needs as people on vacation SMILE).
As I said, the bargains - all bracelets I will wear during winter time - were really nice!

Bought these two bracelts from a guy from Senegal - apparently his wife did the work and these are dyed coffee beans. I am not sure if I should believe him but honestly, I don't care. They look good on my wrist!

Bought from Maya from Senegal (picture is not perfect). It's an armring / bangle... one of these really nice African artifacts

Bought from a guy from India. I have the same bracelet in green and I bought this one half the price :-) and my cousin bought a nice silver ring from the same guy. Apparently we were his first customers of the day and he gave us "special price"!

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