Thursday, September 13, 2012


That's it. Summer is over. That was it for another year.
Now it's time to start reading fashion magazines. In Italy, I bought all my favourite magazines (and then some more SMILE).

I've started on them last week and my head is already full with new ideas for autumn/winter 2012/13. As much as I like summer time, fashion, in my opinion, is much more fun during winter time. Why? Because one wears more stuff...

I am happy with the two pairs of brown leather shoes I already bought (sale!).
Now I am thinking about a new bag. A red or an orange one would be nice. I already know what I am looking for. Search for "Cartable Marcello de Cartier" on Google and then you'll see what I have in mind. The red one would be it. THE RED ONE. Oh my, oh my, my heart beats faster when I look at it SMILE. Well, I can't afford the original, of course (Cartier? you know what I mean? by the way, it's on request only SMILE). Definitively not my budget but as I am planning on going to Como maybe the guy from Senegal will have something for me then :-)))))

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