Friday, September 28, 2012


There was one thing in the wonderful world of fashion that I swore to never ever ever ever (you got it, right?) wear again: jewelry in gold. NEVER. I swear.

Having been born in an Italian family, jewelry, at least until I got old enough to buy my own stuff, had always been gold. I have never seen my mother wearing anything else then gold (well, a couple of years back she decided to go fashion as well and started buying jewerly in silver).
For me, wearing silver, was some kind of "I am independent now" statement, my own fashion statement, in some sort of way, different from what I knew and what was familiar to me.

Well, fashion is unpredictable, isn't it? (and women anyway, right SMILE)

On Thursday I went shopping and bought ... a pair of GOLD earrings. Don't ask me why. I thought they looked nice and a minute later I was paying for them.

I still can't believe I did it! But I did. I own a pair of gold earrings (I have to repeat this to myself in order to get used to it). And, you know what, I am wearing them right now ... and they look good! Really good.

I guess the lesson learned is: never say never :-)

Sunday, September 23, 2012

The Other's World: BEING A WORKING MOM

S. and I have known each other for ages. We worked for the same bank (back in the days - WAY back in the days, if you know what I mean SMILE). We sometimes used to meet very early in the morning on Tuesdays or Fridays, go the Farmer's market, then have some coffee and breakfast at a place called "Milchbar" and then go to work. It was a fantastic way to start our (working) day! So long ago! Nice memories though. We also spent a very nice vacation on a Greek island. Well, as I said, long time ago.
Then life ... happened and we lost sight of each other until a couple of years back when S. called me on my birthday. Our lifes couldn't be more different today, in a way, but on so many other levels we are still the girls we were back in the days (especially when we go shopping!). I think it's finally about having the same basic values and, most importantly, about understanding and respecting each other's lifes.
She now lives abroad, has married and got two children. I admire her. Being married, raising two kids and being responsible for her own company at the same time? I don't think I could. But she does it, every day!

Let's hear / read what she has to say about being a working mom (the pictures are hers, by the way):


A friend of mine was looking for a photo / picture for her new office. I was going through all my pictures, looking for one that would be perfect for her, as I found this video I had taken in Old Mission Peninsula, Michigan in 2010. I remembered the day - it was bloody windy but sunny and there was just me, the wind, the lake and the light house. A magic day!

Lake Michigan at its best!

The lighthouse was not one of the more beautiful I had seen on my trip - but the magic of the day made up for it :-)

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Cool news

You are never gonna guess. I am gonna be a ... model. No, no, no, not THAT kind of model (meaning the Gisele Bündchen kind of model... SMILE). No, I am gonna be a "manicure model".
This friend of mine is doing a training course for manicure and she asked me if I would agree to "lend" her my nails for one day in order for her to practise. The date is set for December - can't wait! And of course I will let you know the details and if I get the change to take some pictures...

I think that every girl in this world should be a model - at least once in her life. That is why girls are so excited about marriage, in my opinion (well, besides the fact to get married to the Love of you Life, of course). They want to be in the spotlight for a day. But hey, I may be wrong as I am not married and I've never dreamt of being so (some will say this is because I've never met the Love of my Life??).
Let's get back to the topic at hand... Love of your Life topic will be for another post...

What I did dream about though was being a model for a hair show (imagine how exciting this must be - getting a totally cool hair style!) - who knows? Maybe my friend is doing a training course in hair styling as well???
Anyway. Even though I'd never imagined to be a "manicure" model, now I am gonna be one.
I am so totally excited about it!

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Zürichsee-Rundweg: Etappe 7 (Rapperswil - Stäfa)

As summer is now definitively over (even though we are having quite some nice after-summer-days!), I thought that it was time to take up hiking again. In order to complete my "Zürichsee-Rundweg-Wanderung".

Today, I walked from Rapperswil to Stäfa. The guide said 3.5 hours - it took me about 3 hours ... because ... I got lost.
Ooh yeah, I got lost in the middle of beautiful "Goldküste". Somehow I missed a turn (I must admit that this part of the tour was hard to find. The sign "84", indicating this tour, was nowhere to be seen). When I suddendly saw the train station of Uerikon from afar, I knew I had taken the wrong path. The right one would have been more up the hill, with a better view, away from the houses.
I thought about walking back but finally decided against it. I walked the final 30 / 45 minutes in the densly built part of the lake and looked at nice houses instead of the lake! And they were nice the houses, you have to believe me!

I nevertheless had a wonderful day and a very nice walk!

Rapperswil from afar

the Alps

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Fashion blogs

I do love fashion blogs and The Sartorialist ( in particular. It's not that I copy the looks that he photographs and puts on his blog. No, for me it's about how people express themselves through fashion. It's almost like: Fashion as art. I love it!

He published a book a couple of years back, I didn't buy it because buying books when you live in a rented room is kind of tricky. Books take place and place I didn't have (not that much, at least). But now, I am a couple of weeks away from moving into my own (one bedroom) appartment and buying these kind of (art or fashion) books is OK again. I won't have that much space in my new home but I have an idea on how to put my pictures, photos and books "on show". I will talk about it later on, as soon as I will actually live there :-)

I wander from the subject at hand, sorry!

The Sartorialist. He just published his second book: The Sartorialist. Closer. And this time I did buy it (reason see above!).

Wonderful. I thumb through this book and my fantasy ... flies! Wonderful pictures. I photographed two pages just to give you an idea:
Fashion IS art!

Thursday, September 13, 2012


That's it. Summer is over. That was it for another year.
Now it's time to start reading fashion magazines. In Italy, I bought all my favourite magazines (and then some more SMILE).

I've started on them last week and my head is already full with new ideas for autumn/winter 2012/13. As much as I like summer time, fashion, in my opinion, is much more fun during winter time. Why? Because one wears more stuff...

I am happy with the two pairs of brown leather shoes I already bought (sale!).
Now I am thinking about a new bag. A red or an orange one would be nice. I already know what I am looking for. Search for "Cartable Marcello de Cartier" on Google and then you'll see what I have in mind. The red one would be it. THE RED ONE. Oh my, oh my, my heart beats faster when I look at it SMILE. Well, I can't afford the original, of course (Cartier? you know what I mean? by the way, it's on request only SMILE). Definitively not my budget but as I am planning on going to Como maybe the guy from Senegal will have something for me then :-)))))

Lac de Morat - Murtensee

6 hours of walking. 32 km in total.
You have no idea what I'm talking about? Well, on Monday I walked (with some friends) ALL AROUND Lac de Morat (Murtensee). This hiking trip had been on my mind for a while now and when I suggested the trip to my friends, they were totally excited and ready to go.

What a day! It was wonderful, the lake is peaceful, and there were so many different aspects to it. Sandy beaches, villages, marshes, forests. And NO hills - that's the best part SMILE.
When we told people on Sunday that we would walk all around the lake, most of them said: Really? You gonna walk ALL around the lake? but their faces actually said: you are never gonna make it!

Well, we did make it and let me tell you - we were so proud at the end of the day. I was even prouder the day after, when my muscles still weren't aching (no Muskelkater). Apparently, the second day is the worst (with regards to aching muscles) but this time - nothing. I am getting fitter! Ain't that cool?

I took some pics for you. Enjoy!

Do you see the smiling face?

Friday, September 7, 2012

Memory (the game)

I am still into sharing my Italian week...

I spent (almost) all my evenings in Italy playing ... Memory (do you remember the game? It's all about finding two identical cards?). It was fun!
When I was a kid I didn't like to play.. at least not social games where it was about winning and losing. First because I don't like to lose (sigh) and secondly because I didn't appreciate the ambition of my adversaries (maybe it was just a family thing - the exaggerated ambition - but let's not talk about this). Fact is, I have never been much of a "OK, it's Saturday night, let's play a game!" kind of girl.

Until this week in Italy with Virginia (that's my cousin's younger girl). She has these big blue eyes and when she looked at me, saying: Simoooooo, giochiamo a Meeeemooooryyyy? (emphasizing the vowels SMILE) (BTW it means, Simo, do we play memory?), I could hardly say no, couldn't I?

So, we played Memory. And, I am not ashmed to admit, she won ALL THE TIME. She is a though little lady, let me tell you, and at 6 her brain is much quicker and better than my more than 40 years old one :-) She had a hell of a time (wouldn't you? winning ALL THE TIME against the sooo old cousin of your mum??) and I had a hell of a time as well. It was just fun and her giggles, when she uncovered another two identical cards? Awesome.

When we said good-bye, on Saturday, she said, all earnest: Simo, promise me to practise during winter time and when you'll be back next summer, we can play again. Maybe then, you will once win as well.

I had to laugh! Charming little thing! Isn't life wonderful at 6?

PS: Now, I HAVE TO practise - who is playing Memory with me? SMILE

Thursday, September 6, 2012


OK, I admit it. Last week, in Italy, it was not only about doing nothing. I went shopping as well :-) (Can't be someone I am not, don't you think? SMILE).
Friday it rained (it rained for about 30 minutes then it was cloudy). People went to the beach anyway but for us it was the perfect excuse not to go to the beach but to go to the shopping mall instead. We spent a wonderful day strolling around but I didn't find anything (I wasn't looking too hard, I must admit, I had a rather big expense before leaving for Italy - my car needed some new parts!!) All I bought were three new shades of nail polish - see picture below - and lots of fashion magazines (will tell you about them in a next post).

I did some really nice bargains ... on the beach though. Si. Si. On the beach. You might know that on some beaches in Italy there are ladies and gents from Africa, Asia and South America trying to sell the tourists stuff (in Cattolica, for ex. you don't find them because the local administration chase them off). It's rather annoying, normally. Compra, compra, compra (buy, buy, buy) they say all the time while all I want is to read my book. One gets used to it though. What I didn't know, though, is that these guys offer their items on sale as well. End of season sale - so to speak!
I found that funny.
They explained me that they have goods they sell on the beaches all over Italy during summer. Then, during winter time, they move to Milano or other big cities in Italy and then they change their offered goods as well (city people, apparently, don't have the same needs as people on vacation SMILE).
As I said, the bargains - all bracelets I will wear during winter time - were really nice!

Bought these two bracelts from a guy from Senegal - apparently his wife did the work and these are dyed coffee beans. I am not sure if I should believe him but honestly, I don't care. They look good on my wrist!

Bought from Maya from Senegal (picture is not perfect). It's an armring / bangle... one of these really nice African artifacts

Bought from a guy from India. I have the same bracelet in green and I bought this one half the price :-) and my cousin bought a nice silver ring from the same guy. Apparently we were his first customers of the day and he gave us "special price"!

Tuesday, September 4, 2012


view from the kitchen of my cousin's appartment


I have been totally ... away from the world, this last week. It was fantastic. No cell phone (well, I had it with me but I called nobody and nobody called me), no computer, no internet, no facebook. Well, you got it. No technology. The above pictures are from a couple of years back. I didn't take ONE picture, not one, that will explain my state of mind.
I didn't even use my good old notebook (I had it with me but it stayed in my suitcase the whole time).

I just was.

Nowadays, I realized, that is the real luxury. Simply to be. My mind was totally empty by the second day and I spent my days thinking ... nothing. Well, there were some decisions to take but these were rather simple, like: what do we eat for lunch? What for dinner? Do we go to the beach now? Or later? Do I take my siesta now? Uuuuh, as I said, VERY important decisions hahahahaha