Friday, August 24, 2012

No Internet for one week

I am off to Italy. For one week. I will be staying at my cousin's house (with her and her two girls) that is just a street away from the beach. And I won't have Internet access.

Doesn't that sound wonderful?

This is gonna be a first for me. Usually, during my trips, my computer - I have a small one for travel specifcally - comes along with me each time. Not this time though. I've decided that I needed some computer free time. August has been an intense month - mentally in particular. I need to ... unplug.

Should I think of something that I want to share with you, I will do so but only the week after. I will therefore take my good old (paper) notebook with me and write the stories down manually (to be copied into a post upon my return).

Don't you think that this sounds old fashioned? It does. It definitively will help me to slow down :-)

Well, everybody, have a nice one (day and week)! I will be working on my sun tan, read books, listen to music, eat wonderful food, talk and laugh a lot, do some shopping, getting a sun tan (oh, I already mentioned that, didn't I SMILE).

Monday, August 20, 2012

Summer ... finally (2nd episode)

Those of you who live in the Northern part of Europe (well, let's add Mitteleuropa as well), will know what I mean when I say that summer has been kind of shitty so far. A few sunny days here and there isn't summer for me (contrary to most people, I must say). My idea of summer is... the sun is shining, it's hot and it goes on for weeks. I don't mind some rain from time to time but I wish to have more blue instead of gray skies.

Summer 2012 is not what I call a perfect summer (weather wise - for the rest it has been great!!).

These days, though, we're talking. It's hot!! And by hot I mean super hot. It's hot during the days, in the evenings, during the night and it's already hot when you get up in the morning. Wow. Finally! And next week I am off to Italy and the weather forecast is not bad at all: next week won't be as hot as this week but the temperatures showed on screen say 26°C. I am happy with 26°C. Totally happy :-)

So yesterday, Sunday, I was sitting (and sweating) on my balcony, reading my favourite fashion magazines, simply enjoying myself. I open the first one, start reading and then it comes and I seem to forget it - year after year. Yes, I forget that the September issues (that I buy at the end of August) of all fashion magazines are all about ... fashion for the Autumn/Winter season! If I had had a very nice and very long summer, then this wouldn't have shocked me the way it did. But we just started having some nice days and now I have to think about what to wear during Autumn/Winter?When I haven't worn all the summer outfits and shoes and bags yet?
What the heck, no thank you. I decided to go on a strike. I put the magazines back. For after my vacation. In September. It will be soon enough to think about winter dresses then (even though I've seen some very nice coats and shoes, leafing through the pages, but hell, not now. NOT NOW.)

Enjoy the sun :-)

Summer ... finally!

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Working space

You might (or rather not) know that I am looking for a working space for myself. Up to now I worked at home but as my living arrangement changes at the beginning of October (found a very very nice one bedroom appartment with lake view!), I needed a new working space. A shared working space actually (cheaper and more fun).
I began looking for it a couple of weeks back. Even though it was summer time, there were some in the market and I began my "journey" with phone calls and viewings.
Let's cut this long story short: I fell in love with two places.
One was given to someone else. The other was too expensive at the beginning but then (fortunately!) we found a solution that makes everybody happy!

I am proud to announce that from September I will be working in a very nice office with two other people (a guy and a girl), in the middle of the city. The three of us have our own office (and separate businesses of course!) but will have opportunities to talk over coffee in the nice kitchen or in the meeting room. It will be strange to "leave" for work in the mornings again but it will do me good.

Well, after all these months of thinking, re-thinking, talking and re-talking, checking and planning, it feels good to finally "do something", "to achieve something". I am happy about it :-)

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Inner Voice

Steve Jobs once said: "Don't let the noise of others' opinions drown out your own inner voice." He was right, however, I think that our inner voice not only is being "shut off" by others' opinions but very often by ourselves, by our words (spoken and heard) and our actions.
Our own inner voice is silenced and ignored. The reasons therefore can vary and I don't want to judge as I ignore it often too. But then, from time to time, I remember.

I remember that we talk too much. We are too stressed. We run from A to B and from C to D and keep ourselves busy (and often feeling unsatisfied without really knowing it).
I still believe that moving forward in life is good and necessary. But as I mentioned in my Thursday's post - sometimes stopping (and listening to our inner voice) is good and necessary as well.
It supports the "moving foward" part. I strongly believe this.

So, from time to time, I stop from moving forward. I keep silent. I listen. I dream.
Isn't this what Yoga, meditation, Qi Gong (name it) is about?
For the duration of a couple of minutes / an hour / a day / a week (up to you and your needs) you withdraw from every day's life and from your thoughts ... and be still.
Try it out! I swear, the results will be amazing. I have my best ideas when ... I'm feeling bored SMILE.

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Going behind our imagination

Must be the summer heat (when it is actually hot - we had a crappy summer so far!). Or maybe it's just a state of (my actual) mind. Fact is, I spent a lot of hours, these last couple of days, philosophizing about life, about politics, about changes, about traveling.

I was philosophizing (with a friend of mine) about how difficult it can be to confront ourselves with new situations, about how we might fear changes.

I strongly believe that life is about "moving forward" i.e. not standing still (well sometimes standing still is necessary and good, a MUST even, but let's talk about this another time).
Sometimes (rather often actually) the path we are walking on is not a straight line. We encounter turns. Some people think that turns are cool because they are looking forward to the surprises that life has ready for them. The unknown is cool in their eyes.
Other people though are afraid of what lies behind the turn. They prefer what they have, what they know, to the unknown. The unknown is fearsome.

Should we really let fear rule our lives?Or isn't the real issue here that we often think too much ahead? We think about ALL the stuff that could happen and (by definition) go wrong. Total overthinking and with that the "small turn" becomes a gigantic hill. Insurmontable. All in our heads, mind you. We haven't done one step so far.

Now, I was thinking, what about finding the strength to walk just this one turn and, having arrived there, decide whether we want to go back or not? One little turn can't be THAT fearsome, can it?
If we made a mistake, then the way back is not long.
And maybe, who knows, we might even want to continue that path because suddenly we see something that we weren't able to see before?
I call that going behind our imagination.