Wednesday, July 18, 2012


R. is my friend V's husband (see V's answers in last week's post). I don't know him well. No, you could  even say, I don't know him at all as I have met him just once, very briefly, while the two of them and I were Sunday shopping at the same grocery store. My first impression of him was: outspoken and funny (and knowing how happy V. was since they were a couple helped!). As I don't speak Spanish and his German is not yet top, our conversation was like this: me speaking Italian, he speaking Spanish, AND understanding each other (which is quite important, don't you think? SMILE). For the duration of our conversation I felt like ... being somewhere far away because these are the kind of conversations one usually has in a foreign land!

Let's hear what R. has to tell us about his home country (Argentina) and his "new" country (Switerland):

Please describe us your life (in few words).
Damn, I love my life :-)

How has your "relocation" changed / enriched your life?
a. I have more professional possibilities.
b. I can help my family in Argentina.
c. I have a new family too, lucky for me a very lovely one.
d. I feel safe. I don't need to be worried about being robed or killed.
e. Fair salary

a. I had to learn a new language.
b. I had to accept that Swiss people are different in showing their affections.

What do you most like about living in Switzerland?
It's easier to say what I do "hate most" of Switzerland:
a. I would like to have more sunny days.
b. Sometimes people are too tight.

What do you most miss of Argentina?
Almost nothing, just a little bit the empanadas and the steaks.

What did your "move" teach you?
It gave me, once again, the confirmation that a person with a positive attitude can reach his dreams. I've met a lot of people who complain about the things they've left behind in their countries. They are so concentrated in those aspects, that they hardly ever enjoy the good things of this country and they will never feel like at home.

Do you live the life you want? If not, what would it take to live the life you want?
I have everything that I wanted and even MORE. I wouldn't change a single thing of my past, even the saddest moments that I had. All that was necessary to enjoy the happines of life.

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