Tuesday, July 3, 2012

About traveling... and coming home

Do you remember? I had written that a trip, in my opinion, consists of three "stages"

1) anticipation and organisation
2) the actual traveling
3) post-pleasure and remembrance

Well, realizing when point 3 is over is quite difficult. It's difficult to let go. I'd like to keep on telling everybody what I have seen, what I have experienced, the people I met. Etc. Etc.
At the same time, I realize that I get on everybodys nerves by keep on talking about America, about Yellowstone, about my train journey. They are my friends and therefore would never be rude and tell me to just shut the f... up SMILE. No, they wouldn't. NEVER. But I can see it in their eyes and I can even understand. Really I do... (I've been in the position they are now in so I know how this feels.)

I think that everybody who has traveled (and it's worse if you've been away a couple of months), knows what I am talking about. You come back and feel different. You ARE different. Traveling changes everybody. But people back home remain the same. Their life is more or less the same. It's good. It's normal. It's the way life goes. But adjusting back is difficult and so for a couple of days / weeks (and sometimes months - depending what kind of traveling you've done) there is this ... gap. You feel like an alien within your own cercle of friends, your own family.
Until... yes, until, time kind of "heals" this gap.
Flashes of what you've seen, experienced etc. become rarer, you can look at the photo book without sighing (seufzen).

Then, you know for sure, everyday life has got you back. At least until the next trip SMILE.

PS: I am working on the photo books of my trip and therefore get a couple of more days of talking about it.. But then, promised, I will shut up!

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Anonymous said...

People are changing but just if they let it happen or if they are really affected by the 'other world' they have been part of. Hope you remember me.